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10 Best Reasons For Leaving a Job

10 Best Reasons For Leaving a JobAre you considering saying goodbye to your boss and co-workers? Do you envision yourself stepping into your boss’ office, dumping your workload on his table with a defiant “I quit!” then storming off? Or do you imagine finally getting up in the morning and not having to go through the daily commute and face your snooty co-workers? Before you go and say Adios to your colleagues, think again. Are you leaving for the right reasons?

Is your job too stressful?

Does work cause you too much emotional, physical or mental stress? Too much stress can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, stomach ulcers as well as a variety of other illnesses. If you think that your work is taking a toll on your health or leaving you exhausted almost every day, maybe it is a good idea to pack up.

Have you found a better opportunity?

Have you found a job which pays higher, has a stress-free working environment with better managers? If you are able to find an opportunity which improves your situation, then this is always a good time to say goodbye to your current workplace.

Are you raising a family?

Just got married? Having kids? These are some reasonable scenarios which would be perfectly understandable if you decide to resign from your current job. In fact, according to TheBump.com and ForbesWoman, 84% of career women aspire to leave their jobs some day to raise their kids.

Are you relocating?

Have you always wanted to live in sunny California? Or stay in Hong Kong? If you have always wanted to live somewhere else and start a new life in a different state or country, this would also mean having to explore local opportunities.

Can’t sort it out with a co-worker?

Has your relationship with a co-worker been damaged beyond repair? Say, you have made a mistake in the past and after which, your manager assigns the more challenging tasks to a co-worker and just gives you easy ones. If the relationship refuses to be fixed a number of times, then it’s time to move on.

Is your job directly against your principles or beliefs?

Maybe the multimedia company you work for has decided to dabble in child pornography, or your Senior Vice President has decided to hire one of his nephews for the position you have been aspiring for. In any case, if you think that some practices in your workplace or the decisions your manager has made directly violates your principles or beliefs, then it may be time to look for a job elsewhere.

Is there still room for growth?

Do you think you have reached the final rung of the corporate ladder in your company? Do you feel that you are “stuck in a rut”? If you have not learned something new or have not been assigned a new role for quite some time now, maybe it’s time to think of what new opportunities lay on the horizon.

Do you have another activity conflicting with work?

Going back to school? Volunteering? Having your own business? If you have another set of activities which you think will take your focus away from work, then maybe it’s high time you choose.

Is work too dangerous?

Is the workplace located in a shady neighborhood? Does your job entail climbing rock faces, taking lava samples or dodging bullets? If you think that your job is life threatening, then by all means, quit.

Do you want to have a fresh start?

Have you fantasized a work place where no one knows who you once were? Or you felt that you have worked far too long in the same company and decided that a change in scenery would do you good? If you think it is high time for change, go for it.

No matter what the reason is behind your leaving, always remember to leave with a positive note and to never burn bridges. You may never know if you and your old colleagues will cross paths again.