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10 Best Ways to Save Money

10 Best Ways to Save Money PhotoDo you ever want to spend money like how the billionaires do? Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are just among the many billionaires that made it up to the Top 3 based on Forbes survey. Do you think you have what it takes to be in their place? Maybe these billionaires just got lucky to have a family full of wealth. Yet a lot of them claim to use luck, money, brains and attitude to get where they are. As they say wealth is nothing if you do not know how to use it. So even if you are far from getting there, start from small beginnings. Learn to save money for the future. And learn to invest right in money. Although saving money is so hard to do nowadays, it is the only way for you to save yourself from debt and financial downfall. You must learn to do it now.

Set a goal

Why do you need to save? What are you saving for?

Before you can actually be motivated to save money, you have to identify your goals in life. Are you planning to put a house on your own? Are you saving up for travel? Or do you want to help someone in need? These are just some of the many reasons why people work hard for more.

When you set a clear goal for your future, you will realize how valuable money is for you.

Create a budget list

This is as simple as buying your groceries. Before you head out and buy your weekly essentials, write everything down. Allot money every week for your personal expenses and bring only the money you need when you go shopping. This is the only way to not spend over your budget.

Stick to the budget

When you have your budget written, be consistent with it. Don’t stretch your budget on unnecessary expenses. Do this every week or month until you get the rhythm and get used to it.

You would always have at least a couple of coins in your pocket everyday. Instead of leaving them anywhere, place it in a common coin jar in your house. No matter how little the value of cents are, they are still money.

When you count it at the end of the year, you would actually be surprised how much money you can save with the coins you just put away.

Keep your credit card

There are about 609.8 million credit cards held by US consumers according to survey made by The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston last 2010. Somehow, credit cards are replacing money when you have nothing in hand. Yet a lot of people spend out of control because they become too dependent with credit card use.

At the end of the month when billing comes, you actually pay more on your credit card expenses. Sometimes, you even bury yourself in debt. If you want to save, better leave your credit card at home and bring cash instead. Credit cards should be used for emergency purposes only.

Spend on your needs, not wants

It is nice to splurge on shopping and leisure activities. But sometimes it is better to sacrifice for better things instead. When you spend, always put your money first on your needs. Instead of buying beauty products first, why not spend it on food or supplements.

When you’re done buying your essentials and still have spare money, that’s when you spend it on things you want. But if you can, just save the spare money in the bank instead.

Reduce your expenses

Reduce bills that can be reduced. Your phone bills, electric and water bills are just some expenses that you can cut down. To do this, you can either turn off appliances in your home that aren’t necessary to be plugged. Turn off night lamps, reduce your TV watching and turn off the faucet when not in use while washing dishes.

Go for cheap buys

Instead of picking up anything you see on stores, why not look for cheaper buys instead? Buy on sales racks or buy-1-take-1 counters for you to buy more and save more also.

Increase your income

If you think your income cannot sustain your expenses, it is time for you to find another source. You can turn your hobbies like cooking or painting into a sideline business. You can also do part-time jobs online.

Mind setting

All these saving tips would not work if you do not have the right attitude. To be successful in your saving habits, you must always put in mind your goals. It is only you who can control and discipline yourself. And it will always start on your mind.

Always remember these ways for you to have a secure future. As what Warren Buffet says, there are only two rules when it comes to money. Rule number one is to never lose money. The 2nd rule is to not forget rule number one.

  • http://nomadicsamuel.com Samuel Jeffery

    These are incredible tips on how to save money. As a budget backpacker, I’ve used many of these to save money over the years. It’s what I don’t spend on or don’t have that allows me to live a life of freedom now on the road.