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10 Blog Ideas that Make Money

10 Blog Ideas that Make MoneyIn the United States alone, there is an estimated 31 million bloggers, according to Blogging.org. But only about 17% of that population makes enough money to sustain a family or their lifestyle. What happened to the remaining 83%? Some of them still make some money but would never make $100 out of it.

Making money out of blogging can be slow. So you have to get the right topic that ensures to generate a sustainable amount of money. Also, as you become versed on online blogging, it is better to make a lot of blogs on different topics to earn more on each site.

Considering the hundreds or even thousands of topics that you can write about, these would be the top 10 ideas that can help you make more money on the web.

1. Fitness and health

With everyone being more health conscious nowadays, you would definitely get more readers on this. Most people search for niches like weight loss, beauty products and supplements. There are a lot of things to talk about when it comes to being healthy and many people have almost the same problems when it comes to that.

2. Travel

People posting pictures of their travels is the trend these days. If you are the type of person who travels a lot, this could be a good niche to start a blog with. Today, people work hard to save for health and leisure. Travelling is just one of the many leisure activities that people have in their bucket list. You can blog about travel tips including best vacation spots, hotels and also itineraries for travel.

3. Photography

If you are an aspiring photographer and would also want to take a shot in blogging, then this will be a double hit for you. You would be able to get more people to appreciate your work. They also get to read about the experience and emotion behind the picture. Who knows you might even get a project for special occasions that can pay you a big amount of fortune.

4. Self-Employment

A lot of people nowadays are tired of their day to day job and want to be their own boss. A big percentage also of the society today are jobless or only doing part-time. Being able to tell them where and what to do for a living through your blog would surely be a good way to inform people of the possibilities of earning money.

5. Career

With all the profession and careers that you can choose from, it sometimes gets complicated on what to decide. In this type of niche, your target readers here would be more on the student-base since they are the ones who would need your advises the most.

6. Pets

As long as they are adorable and fluffy, people always want to see a picture and read about a pet. You may want to focus on dogs and cats but you can also go in the exotic side like snakes and lizards. You can also include tips on how to take care of them.

7. Self-Improvement

There have been a lot of books about this, now you can also write a blog. Everyone goes into one point in their lives that they do not know what to do. Identity crisis, depression and anxiety are just some of the many personality disorders a person can experience even once in his life. Your blog can be about giving sound advises and encouraging readers to also share their own story.

8. Recipes

Everyone loves to eat. If they have tasted something new and loved it, they would definitely come try to replicate it. If possible, include video blogs on your site to make your cooking lessons more enticing.

9. Website Design

In the past couple of years, this career has been in demand and shows to be generating a lot of income as well. There are a lot of job opportunities in this field. So having a blog with a lot of tips and possibly sites to land a job would definitely help.

10. Apps

Almost everyone is using smart phones. You would want to get a review of an app before purchasing or downloading it, right? With the potential of this market in the future, it’s a great blog to start.

You can start with these ideas, or if you feel that you have something better, then go ahead and write about it. The possibilities are endless. Your imagination and creativity is the limit.