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10 Business Advertising Ideas

10 Business Advertising IdeasIn order to expand your business and be successful in your chosen career, advertising is one of the key ideas you need to use. Advertising has always been the best way to market your products and services.

If you are a small-time business owner or a medium scale entrepreneur, advertising your business should always be handy for you. There are a lot of ways on how to persuade potential customers to try your products and services. Just make sure to do it in a proper way.

Here are the top 10 business ideas available for you and your business:

1. Social media and the internet

Almost all people have their own social networking accounts that they access and update almost every day. The era for the internet has come and many business establishments and companies are taking advantage of this technology in order to connect to their loyal customers and reach out to their potential clients. You can also do the same thing for the sake of your business.

What you can do is create a fan page of your business on Facebook as well as on Twitter. Let your friends, families and colleagues like that fan page and gather as many followers as possible. Always update the social networking accounts named after your business and make sure that you post every detail of your new products, services and promotions.

2. Print ads

Using the old way of advertisement hasn’t faded in the minds of people. Various print ads have always been part of business marketing strategies – be it flyers, newspapers and posters.

Try contacting your local newspaper company and ask how much will it cost for you to rent at least half of a page in order to advertise your business. You can also look for part time students who will distribute flyers in the street or who will put posters in visible areas in your city. That’s old school but still an effective way to connect to people.

3. Television and radio

Big names in the business and corporate world are always being seen in the television (TV) as well as can be heard in radios. People love watching various TV programs as well as listen to different music played on air. These are the major reasons why television and radio companies are in business. You can definitely try these television and radio advertisements if you have the budget to do so.

The very first thing you need to do is to contact the nearest TV network or your local radio station in your city. Inquire how much the price to have a one-minute video clip of your business aired daily. This is a good idea to let people know how good your products and services are.

4. Electronic media

Instead of distributing flyers in the street, why don’t you send newsletter to your customers? This is an environmental-friendly initiative as well as a great business idea. Every time you have a customer inquiring and availing of your products and services, don’t forget to ask for their email addresses.

Aside for newsletter, you can also use podcasts, Google AdWords and YouTube videos. These are cheaper than printing advertisements in paper.

5. Branding

Brand names and trademarks that mark in each customer’s mind and heart are a great way to advertise your products. Create a special name, design and logo of the product you are offering in the market. Just like Coca-Cola, the name itself is the one who carries the business in the peak of success.

6. Loyalty cards

Supermarkets and coffee shops offer loyalty cards to their customer. Loyalty card may be like credit cards that can be used to store digital information or folded cards where you can put stickers. Starbucks started offering loyalty cards as well rewards card to its customers, thus earning more customers day by day. You can definitely do the same with your shop through creating colorful cards where you can put specialized stickers every time a customer avails of your services and products.

7. Discount coupons

Instead of distributing flyers with colorful words of your products and services, why don’t you give out discount coupons and promo tabs? As a consumer, a person will always tend to buy products and avail services in discounted prices. If ever you are managing a restaurant or diner, you can offer discounted meals and combo packages through discount coupons – you will surely have an increase number of customers and have an opportunity to show off your products.

8. Word of mouth

The most powerful advertisement in the world is mouth-to-mouth propaganda. A person will surely believe whatever another person says about a business once it is said directly to the face and straight from the mouth. If you got a lot of friends and relatives, encourage them to talk to their friends about your business. Just make sure that positive things and feedbacks will be provided for your own good.

9. Exhibits

Organizing an exhibit for your products will surely help you gather potential customers. If you were in the artwork business, setting up an art exhibit will definitely be a good idea. If you were in the fashion industry, fashion shows will do because this will help you display the beautiful clothes you are selling. Exhibits and fashion shows may be expensive but it won’t hurt your finances once you see the results.

10. Networking

Business-to-business interactions have the same good effect with business-to-customer relationships. This will help your business to establish good reputation in the business and corporate world, thus you will earn trust and respect from other business owners and entrepreneurs while you increase the numbers of your customers. You will have networking opportunities every time you attend meetings and gatherings of various clubs, associations and business societies.

The success of your business is simply in your hands as well as in how you advertise your products and services.

  • http://www.AdvertisingResults.com Leigh Ann Kristiansen

    You are smart to include print advertising into your mix of advertising suggestions. Online business opportunity advertisers often forget the option to drive traffic online from offline sources. I have run many, many successful ad campaigns utilizing print for my busoppt clients. Good article.

    • Val Callos

      Thanks Leigh Ann for your comment. Greatly appreciated.
      I always believe that we should not forget traditional ways of advertising because that is always the foundation of modern types of advertisements. Thanks again! ;)