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10 Cheap Birthday Party Ideas

10 Cheap Birthday Party Ideas Photo


First it was weddings, now birthday parties are becoming expensive. In fact, it’s like birthdays in the neighborhood are always competing at being the coolest.

What parents do not know is that you really do not have to spend a fortune to make a birthday party cool.

Here are tips on how to make a  party cool without spending a fortune.

1. Consider time

When a party will be held determines the amount to be spent. Well, you see, when a party is held around lunchtime or dinnertime, it is automatically assumed that you will be providing the meal.

Therefore, instead of having a party at 11Pm, schedule it at 2 Pm. This way, no one will be expecting a meal and the traditional cake /snacks and drinks will be enough.

2. Number of guests

The more the number of guests, the more the drinks and food that will be needed.

Cutting down on the number of guests is the easiest way to cut costs. As a rule of thumb, your child should only invite number of friends who are equal to their age.

For instance, a 6 year old can only invite 6 friends. If you like, you can put it as a condition in the invitation that those friends are in turn allowed to invite only one friend.

This way, your kids and their friend will only invite the most important fun-loving friends.

3. Bake your own cake

A cake has 4 basic ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar and water. Rather than buy a complicated expensive cake that has the same basic ingredients, consider baking the it yourself.

Decorating this cake can be a family tradition on the eve of the birthday.

4. Keep decorations simple

There are very few decorations that kids really care about. These include items like balloons and paper decorations. Your kid may not really care about banners and personalized T-shirts.

5. Venue

The venue for the party can cost zero dollars or as much as you want. A birthday party in your home or backyard will cost you zero dollars. Some of the can cash saved on hiring a venue can be used to improve decorations.

6. Sending invitation

For kids and adults, an invitation is just that – an invitation. Consider sending invitations by word of mouth and follow it up with an electronic invitation.

7. Create your own decorations

Self-made decorations will make the party standout and save you cash at the same time. There are many websites dedicated to helping you create party decorations.

8. Keep the guests gusy

With a cheap party, you need to keep the quests engaged so that they are distracted from all your cost-saving endeavors. Traditional games can be very engaging.

9. Let the kids decorate cup cakes

Buy or bake plain cupcakes and give each guest sprinkles and frosting to decorate the cakes. This can easily pass as a birthday activity rather than a cost saving measure.

10. The theme

As you set the theme, let it suggest a bit of what will be expected. Some themes can scream expensive , others scream simple but exciting.

  • http://www.birthdayparty4u.co.uk Mel@Birthday Party 4 U

    These are great tips! Parties can definitely be done on a budget. The venue is often the most costly but there are so many free options – your home, the park, the beach, etc. I think getting your child to create the invitations is another good idea. Your child will enjoy being involved and it gives the invitations a personal touch :-)


    • William Njenga

      Thanks so much Mel.

  • http://flyandtravel.tumblr.com/ Gerard Sanders

    Bake your own cake and create decorations on your own… that will save you some money.