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10 Effects of Low Employee Morale

10 Effects of Low Employee MoraleWe often forget that all employees need professional growth. We tend to let them be in the status quo condition that makes them stagnant and inactive. We don’t even recognize small achievements of our employee that makes them less enthusiastic to work. However, if we just give credits or rewards to their accomplishments, it will give them the spirit to work hard cheerfully, and participate in group task with confidence. Low employee morale can be destructive to your company. Your company will have low performance if you will not address properly the problems of employee with low morale.

Decreased productivity

If your employee has low morale, then they will not be able to produce good quantity and quality products. They don’t have the appetite to work hard and do their best because they already lack enthusiasm and energy to work.

Increased absenteeism

If the employee doesn’t feel the importance of his work and the determination to move on, then he will have the tendency to be frequently absent. If he feels that his absence will not cause any harm to the company and it’s not a great loss to the company, why make an effort to go to work every day?

Poor management of work

You will not be able to manage your work in an organized and systematic manner. Because of lack of focus, you tend not to give detailed attention to every matter.

Complains a lot

Whether it is a big or small task, the employee complains why he was given such task.  He will not be responsible enough to carry out the task properly.

Self esteem is lowered

Because of lack of self improvement and professional growth, the employees’ self esteem is lowered.

Creates problem among co-workers

You don’t participate in group task; you don’t want to carry out any orders coming from your co-workers. You become stubborn by showing no interest in your work.

Dissatisfaction of work

An employer should learn to value his employee.  They should bring out the best in him, to make them feel fulfillment and satisfaction from their job. But sometimes, the employer neglects to give compliment for each hard work his employee has given. The employee now becomes dissatisfied and discontented from his work.


Usually, employees who have low morale blame their superiors. Most of them think that they are the sole cause of having low morale in work. The employees become rude, disobedient, and refuse to carry out orders from their superiors. Their respect to their superiors diminishes.

Poor performance

You lack confidence and willingness to achieve your goals. You don’t want to excel anymore in your work. You don’t set high standard because you become adapted to what you have right now.

Resignation from work

If you are not happy anymore, the tendency is you will leave your recent job. Your inner self will really look into a job that will give you happiness. But if you already have the low morale, you will just jump and jump into another work because you are still in the same state of mind. From this time on, you will just feel the urge to change your work every time you feel unhappy.

Employers must know the importance of having employees that works cheerfully, confidently and diligently in each given task. They will boost the spirit of hard work among the employees.