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10 Employee Incentive Ideas

10 Employee Incentive Ideas PhotoYour workforce is your most important asset and thus needs to be kept productive. Traditionally, bonuses and paid holidays have been used to motivate employees. Recent studies show that “soft” incentives are just as effective in motivating employees.

1. Flextime

In most companies, the normal working hours are from 9-5. Flextime simply means that you allow employees to come in and leave outside the traditional hours.

In some cases, you can allow them to work from home. Though flextime may not work for all business, it is a great way to motivate workers where applicable.

2. Corporate memberships

Part of motivating workers is bringing them together. Corporate membership or access to events, gyms, clubs, or sports arenas can enhance teamwork and keep your workers entertained.

However, you must as a matter of fact consult your employees before deciding on the best corporate membership program.

3. Get involved in activities which matter to your employees

Your workers have other activities besides work that you can get involved in.

From weddings to burials, your employees will feel honored to have you around.

4. Work swap

Having worked for your for some time, your workers have come to learn to do other jobs besides what they do everyday.

Allowing them to swap tasks helps them to break the monotony of daily work and thus keep them motivated.

5. Employees-can-wear-anything day

Employees really do not like wearing their uniforms or suits everyday. Therefore, it would be great to allow them to wear anything they want if only for a day.

For companies such as Google, it is actually company policy that the employees can wear anything they want on any day.  For businesses which dressing really matters, this day can be limited to Saturdays.

6. Recognize Performance

Most companies are good at rewarding major milestones but small achievements are not. For instance, an employee who went out of their way for another worker needs to be recognized and rewarded. When a worker stays late to finish a project, reward them.

If a worker is really smartly dressed, point this out and give them a small gift. There are so many small achievements that go on daily that are never notice.

As a manager, your job is to find out about them and recognize the person involved. Incentives here can be movie tickets, pizza, or cakes.

7. Food

You can offer free lunch for all your employees – once in while. When applied daily, it can improve productivity by saving on time spent going out for lunch.

If an employee performs really well, honor them with one-on-one lunch/dinner with the boss.

8. Party

In most seasons, it can be difficult to come up with a reason party. As the boss, come up with a random reason and organize a party.

9. Organize award ceremonies

Your workers really know each other better that you do. Therefore, you can allow them to write down something good about each of the other employees and reward the best comment.

10. The magic words

The magic words are “Thank You”.  They work best anywhere and at any time.

  • http://www.h4hitech.com Sapna


    You have covered all the points, which are really helpful in retaining talent.The magic words really works wonder, if we time it well.
    With the new generation around the flexi hrs works well..
    Great knowledge shared.


  • William N.

    Hi Sapna,

    Thanks for your comment and for taking time to read the post.

  • http://www.inspiredgiftgiving.com marquita herald

    Terrific tips. One of my favorite all time employers was very keen on community outreach and organized volunteer opportunities for employees on company time. It was an awesome place to work and as a result of our experiences many of us became regulars on the volunteer scene in our hometown.

  • William N.

    Madam Herald,

    Yes, volunteering is refreshing. Thanks!!

  • http://violatam.com Viola Tam

    Hi William,

    Creative ideas about giving employees incentives!

    I cannot agree more about recognition. Many employees’ contribution to the company is just not acknowledged. Some people actually love recognition than gifts or even cash bonuses!

    Thanks, William!

    Viola The Business Mum