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10 Employee Morale Activities

10 Employee Morale Activities PhotoThe best way to motivate your employees is to organize activities that can boost their morale. There are many events and practices that are specially designed for employees. The purpose of this article is to give you the 10 most helpful morale-boosting activities. You can choose one or two and use it in your company.

Support a charity

Make your employees understand the importance of working together in helping other people. Divide them into groups and assign different days for them to deliver goods from the company to the charity. This will undeniably create incomparable happiness inside every employee.

Annual team building

A yearly bonding event must be done in order to strengthen the friendship and the connection among the workers. You can organize it at the end of every year. Hire a person who is good in handling events like this in order to make the activity effective.

Monthly awarding

You can create a weekly activity where you are going to recognize the employees who are punctual and extraordinarily hardworking. You can give a gift certificate as a reward. This will definitely encourage everybody to give his or her best performance.

Cake for Birthdays

You should also remember the special events in the lives of your employees. Make sure that you give them something worth remembering during their birthdays. You can surprisingly bring a cake while the birthday celebrant is busy working. This will make the person feel special, and he will surely do his best in the next days.

Weekend tree planting

This is another activity that will not only strengthen the bond of the employees but will also develop love for the environment inside them. This will also help them relax and enjoy nature after a long week of stress inside the office.

Sports day

You can also organize a day for pure sports. Encourage everybody to form their own teams and play during the designated play day. You can do this twice a month. You can also organize a friendly game with other companies. It would also be better if you invite your family to play with the employees.

Family day

This can be done annually. Organize a party where the family of every employee is invited. Of course, you need to give gifts, and promotional items to make it more exciting.

Free movie tickets for the highest seller

If you are into sales, you can motivate your employees by giving them rewards when they hit the highest sale after a week. Give them something to look forward to and you will surely achieve a positive result.

Devotion hour

As a group of people working in order to earn money, it is very important for you to dedicate at least an hour to feed the spirit. You can invite a preacher and spend at least 2 hours a week for devotion. Let your employees listen to the words of God and be blessed.

Field trips

This is another activity that can be done annually. Let your employees enjoy each other’s company on a trip. This will surely help them relax and will prepare them for another year of productivity.

As an employer, it is your job to make your employees feel happy and contented as they stay in your company. Consider the ideas presented above and give your employees the reward they deserve.