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10 Energy Saving Tips for Business

10 Energy Saving Tips for Business PhotoSaving energy is very important not only at home, but also in the office. The amount of energy you are saving is contributed to the profit of your company. When you save energy, you are lessening your expenses. In this article, you will find different tips that can be very helpful in saving energy in your building.

Start with the lighting

Turn off lights in rooms that are not being used at the moment. You can also let the sun do the lighting during daytime. It would be more beneficial on your part to have large windows where the light coming from the sun can penetrate.

Choose gadgets that can consume less energy

Older computers can consume more energy than the new ones. If you are going to buy a unit, you should consider getting the new models. You can also check it with the store representatives when you are purchasing.

When to turn off

You should know when to turn off your PC, printers, scanners and other things that consume energy. If you are going out for your lunch break, turn everything off. There are different gadgets that are seldom used inside the office. You can instruct your employees to turn those things on only when they are going to use them.

Lessen the usage of space heaters

Space heater is one of the machines that can eat up a large amount of energy in your office. You may feel the need to use it during winter, but you may have to think again. You can just wear a sweater in order to deal with the cold weather.


There are some appliances that are not really needed in the office. Television sets and radios are just few of the things that should not be used at all times in order to save energy. Minimize the use of these appliances and you will surely lessen the bills that you will be paying at the end of the month.

The door

You should consider using a door that can be closed automatically when a person comes in. Leaving the door open especially during winter will only contribute to the cold weather. When this happens, you would have to use the space heater and add up to the increase of energy consumption.

Proper clothing

When it is winter, and you need to increase the heat inside the office, you can consider other options other than using a space heater. You can search for the best fabric that can be worn during cold weathers. Just wear the best dress suited for the season and you will surely help lessen your energy consumption.

The coffee pot

If you need to make coffee, you can use the coffee pot. However, you should turn it off after use. This is also one of the appliances that can add up to your consumption when used everyday.

Check before you leave

Before going home, you should turn off the main switch in order to make sure that you did not miss a single appliance when you were checking.

Minimize the use of exhaust fan

With the small size of the exhaust fan, some people forget that it can also contribute to the increase of their monthly bills. If it is not really needed, you can turn it off.

Energy saving is easy when you make it a habit. So, start with your energy saving activities now that you are already aware of the simple ways to do it.