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10 Free Family Activities

10 Free Family Activities Photo


Family activities are very important in enhancing cohesion and understanding in family. It is often thought that the only or most interesting family activities have to be done outdoors and include spending a lot of money.

Here are 10 simple family activities that cost nearly nothing to do.

1. Write a Book

Well, relax; the book does not have to be of publishable standards. In fact, you do not have to aim at selling even one copy. There are many interesting things that happen in the family that go undocumented.

Others are captured in video or camera but not in words. Writing a book can be a fun way of documenting what you have done in last couple of years as a family.

Your kids will enjoy each and every moment as they learn how to put words on paper creatively.

2. Read a Book

Just like T.V, books are a great source of fun and knowledge. Reading a book at bedtime has been an interesting family activity for years.

As a couple, you can read for each other a chapter of a book and discuss between each other.

3. Spice up Your Meals

Meals become boring over time as you eat at the dinner table all the time. You can spice your meals by setting up a carpet or tablecloth outdoors and eating out together.

In addition, it would be great if the meal is prepared by the whole family.

4. Shadow Tracing

All you need to do this are writing chalks and a concrete floor. Of course, this can only be done on sunny day.

What you do is that one family member takes a position and the other one draws their shadow.

It becomes even more fun if family member are more than 2. Two can hug or hold each other as the third member draws the shadow.

5. Making Cards

Buying a card for your friend makes them feel special; taking time to create a card a card will endear them to you.

Here you need a hard paper where pictures or other forms of writing are placed. In making home cards, creativity is king.

6. Kitchen Gardening

So long as you have some space outside your home, you can create a kitchen garden. These gardens can also be created on containers.

Planting, weeding, watering and harvesting will keep your family busy.

7. Collage

Collage is a form of art that involves sticking different items such as photos, newspaper articles, magazine photos, butterflies and other such items on a paper.

8. Mosaic

Mosaic is similar to collage only that one item is used. In other words, if you choose to stick newspaper photos on the card board, you cannot add rice grains or soil as part of the art.

9. Exercising

This brings your family together and at the same time keep it fit. This is a  great way to support a member of the family who has weight issues.

10. Praying

A family that prays together stays together.