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10 Gas Saving Tips

10 Gas Saving Tips PhotoThere is no stopping the increase in fuel prices so a lot of people are looking for gas saving tips to save on costs. Gas consumption is the single biggest expense in maintaining a car that is why looking for ways to save is important.

Buy a fuel efficient car

Instead of a gas guzzling V8 engine, buy a car with a smaller engine like a 1600cc four-cylinder car. Saving on gas consumption always start with the kind of engine you are using.

Watch your driving habits

Suddenly accelerating or braking takes a lot of energy from your car and therefore it is forced to consume more gasoline. Try to accelerate naturally and without revving the engine too much.

Check your tires

Determine the right psi for your car tires. If the tires are under-inflated, it takes more effort for the engine to move them and therefore consumes more gas in the long run.

Do not overload your car

Passenger cars have small engine that works harder if the car is heavy. Check your trunk and remove any unnecessary load.

Make sure the tank is tightly closed

Gasoline evaporate in the air so when the cover of the tank is not tightly closed, you will be losing gasoline without knowing why.

Service your car regularly

Regular tune-up is necessary to maintain the ideal performance of your car. If the engine is not running normally, the tendency is to always consume more gas.

Clean or replace fuel injectors if necessary

They are a bit expensive but the cost on gas expenses is more if the defective fuel injector is not replaced immediately. The car loses power and the tendency is to pump more gas just to make the engine run if the fuel injector is dirty or defective.

 Align and balance your car tires

When the tires are not properly balanced or aligned, the engine is forced to exert more effort in driving them. The tire consumption is also greatly affected and soon you have to replace them also.

Consider car pooling

If you have office mates who live in the same community, car pooling is a good idea. Just schedule and take turns with others who also drive a car. Not using the car too often is one of the best ways to save on gasoline.

Use air-conditioning wisely

It is difficult not to have air-conditioning for your car. But it is also one of the leading causes of higher gas consumption. Make sure the automatic function of the idler is working correctly. It also helps a lot if you always keep the windows closed when the air-con is turned on.

When the car is always in tip-top shape and you follow the basics of economical driving, you can save a lot of money in the long run.