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10 Good Jobs for College Students

Thinking about being a barista or an intern while in college? ‘Coz if it’s earning some cash while learning you want? These two options are terrific choices!

I agree that good jobs for college students are what you need. They are confidence builders and will help you pay expenses.

Take a look at this list. It may help you decide what part time job to take

1. Paid Intern

This is an absolutely great preference. Not only do you get paid, you collect experience too.

Did you know companies today prefer graduates who already have skills in their chosen profession?

Having spent some time in an internship will be counted as such. Your resume will certainly look great.


Intern Nurse at Mayo Clinic 

Hourly wage during the externship = $15.89 an hour plus shift differential during evening/night shifts

2. Barista

Got time in between or after class? Working behind a counter can be enjoyable.

According to Glassdoor, Starbucks baristas earn 6-14 dollars an hour. Not bad huh?

Baristas are servers but often they are taught coffee recipes. This might come handy in the future. Maybe you’ll decide to create your own coffee shop.

3. Cashier

Anybody remember the TV series “Felicity”? Keri Russel and Scot Speedman both worked as cashiers while in college. As a cashier, you’ll be earning hourly and it’s a pretty easy job.

Like Felicity, when you work at Dean and Deluca, the pay is $10.60 per hour 

Other stores may pay lower but a cashier’s experience will be rich. You’ll be building your memory, communication and computing skills.

4. Writer

If you hate going out, writing could be an option. Several online writing jobs are available for the talented you!

Freelance writing salaries can vary depending on talent and workload. The more pieces you write, the more you earn.

Sites like Odesk.com and Elance.com list thousands of writing jobs. Here, outsourcing happens. Clients can hire writers who bid for contracts.

5. Freelance photographer

Turn your hobby into something that pays. You can snap that camera ala Peter Parker and sell photos. It’s true that companies hire freelance photographers. The pay varies so you’ll have to be real good.

One of the best ways to earn from photography is to actually work in a studio. You’ll get paid hourly for a part time job.

Sell photos online. Submit them to sites and when somebody buys them, you get a percentage. Here’s where you can sell photos:

  • iStockPhoto
  • ShutterStock
  • Folotia
  • Shutterfly
  • ShutterPoint

6. Web page designer

I’ve seen high school students design cool web pages before. They’re absolutely, ridiculously and unbelievably professional looking. And you can do this too!

For those who’re taking computer related courses, this job’s a piece of cake. You can register and create an account at either Odesk or Elance.

There’s hundreds of work and anyone can apply. Web page designing can earn you anywhere from $20-$100 per project.

7. Campus Library Assistant

I really think applying for this job is practical and smart. The perks:

  • No commuting, the library’s already in school
  • More study time
  • Get paid for liking books

Check out finaid.wwu.edu for more info on on-campus jobs.

8. Tutor

Have you done this in high school? Doing it again in college will be so much easier now.

By being a tutor, you can sharpen your communication and social skills. Pay is usually dependent on your agreement with your client.

9. Bank teller

Did you know banks hire high school graduates as bank tellers? This is great. If you’re taking up finance, this a good experience.

Did you have clerical or cashier experience in the past? As a teller, you’ll kind of be doing the same. You’ll also be building your social skills since you’re making transactions with clients.

10. Waiting tables

Being a waiter isn’t too bad. The pay is pretty decent if you happen to chance a good restaurant.

As a college student, you’ll have to persevere. Serving tables is one of the most available jobs and who knows? The experience might just inspire you to create your own food place someday.