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10 Interesting Jobs that Pays Well

10 Interesting Jobs that Pays Well PhotoThere are a myriad of well-paying jobs out there but most of it probably requires highly technical qualifications, are very stressful or even high-risk. Some other jobs may also be high-paying but they are so unglamorous or boring that only the most desperate people perhaps would apply for it. That is why you may be interested in jobs that allows you to be more flexible, less stressful yet also pays well. Or, you may go for jobs that are primarily fun or interesting but still gets you well-paid. Interesting jobs are type of works that are exciting, not ordinary and appealing by the very nature of the work involve.


If you like to cook and want the glamour of working in big hotels and restaurants, then take a degree in culinary arts, hotel and restaurant management majoring in food and beverage or other courses that will prepare you for the work of a Chef. Chefs cook the food you eat in hotels and restaurants. They are experts in cooking food items. The salary of a chef depends on his level of skill, experience and where he works.

Special Events Planner

Special Events planners are organized, creative and ready-for-anything individuals who will plan and organize events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events and many other. Depending on the experience and skill, a special events planner can earn really big in this profession.

Yoga or Pilates Instructor

In this stress-filled era, Pilates and Yoga are playing major roles in the lifestyle of people who constantly deal with stress. People turned to these meditative workouts to de-stress themselves. Yoga and Pilates instructors, therefore, are quite in demand nowadays. With experience, their pay ranges from $25,000 to $60,000 yearly more or less.


If you love acting, has the talent and you have the personality to make it to the big screen, be an actor. You will not only be earning big bucks but you will also become popular with the right break. Enroll in acting classes, do auditions and constantly hone your acting abilities so that you will become an actor in no time. Actors are one of those rare people who get paid in big bucks for doing something they love to do.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are one of the highest paid jobs amongst engineers. Moreover, it will take you to places you have never been to since you will be planning for the drilling and methods to be utilized for the optimization of oil and natural gas. A one-of-a-kind profession, it pays very well and entitles you to several benefits which other professions don’t have.


Psychiatrists are trained physicians in the field of psychiatry or mental health. They deal with the mental fitness of a person. You can find psychiatrists working in hospitals, clinics, large corporations, prisons and any establishments that employ numerous employees. They provide services to different entities and individuals including in courts to establish the soundness of mind of a particular accused patient. If you love to deal with the mystery of the mind and how it works in a given situation, want to help people suffering from mental imbalances and get well-paid for it, be a Psychiatrist.

Airline Pilots

Airline Pilots are trained professionals who enjoy high salaries, benefits and the glamor that is associated with being a pilot. It is one of the high-paying professions, which is almost stress-free and is one of the high-end jobs in the world. A pilot’s salary increases in accordance with his experience.


As people become more conscious of their health, the demand for the job of a Podiatrist grows. A trained physician who specializes in the care of your feet and lower extremities, a Podiatrist is one of the highest income earners amongst the medical profession averaging $118,000 annually. A podiatrist’s job includes the treatment of the problems involving the feet by employing corrective devices, therapies, surgeries and medication.

Financial Planner

If you are good in financial analysis and budgeting, great in public relations and has the knack of influencing other people, be a financial planner. This profession pays quite high, especially if you have already built a reputation for being a financial whiz in the world of business.


Depending on the field of expertise, location and the company you are affiliated with, a lawyers’ job is one of the most interesting profession that pays high. If you like the appeal and glamor of a lawyer’s profession, get a degree preparing you for the formal education required of the job and pass the bar examination.

Whatever profession you may want to join, ensure that it is the right job for you. The financial reward should not be the only consideration or you might end up dissatisfied and disappointed in the end. Do what you love most or love what you do. That way you will open doors of opportunities for career enhancement that comes from being open-minded and mature.