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10 Jobs for Felons

10 Jobs for Felons PhotoGetting a job after being convicted from felony is a tough job. By the way, felony is any serious crime against the common law such as murder, rape,robbery, assault and treason. Felons are still humans and some are convicted even though they are innocent. As human, he or she needs to work in order to live. Here are some jobs for felons:

1. In the food and restaurant industry

The restaurant industry has the highest attrition rate around the world due to people leaving their current post in order to look for other employments in other companies and industries. With this, some restaurants and fast food chains are not anymore checking criminal backgrounds of aspiring applicants. You can apply as a service crew or dining staff or even as a chef’s assistant if you have the talent in cooking.

2. Online jobs

Odesk, one of the largest online workplace in the world, offers equal opportunities to everyone. In this website, anyone can register and find work without having their criminal records being investigated. Technical jobs range from writing up to photo editing as well as telemarketing.

3. The Armed Forces

The U.S. Army is recruiting any person in the country with or without criminal records. If ever you were convicted with felony, this is a great chance for a good start in your career. Jobs may vary depending on the needs – be it in accounting, construction and vehicle maintenance.

4. For charities

Doing charitable work may not clean your bad records, but it may be a good starting step for your career. You can check with various non-profit organizations or even church work in you city for any job vacancies.

5. Manual labor

The construction industry is looking for laborers in order to build new houses, buildings and infrastructures. Due to high demand in office and white-collar jobs, the industry is hiring people with or without criminal records. If ever you were convicted for felony and has strong body to endure working in construction sites, this career is suitable for you.

6. As a truck driver

If ever you were charged with felony before, all you need is a trucking license and many trucking companies will hire you. This is your chance to start a new career while travelling across cities and states.

7. Call centers and the BPO industry

Some call centers are hiring people even though they had felony charges. In a call center environment, customer service representatives interact with different customers daily over the phone only so a criminal record may not affect your interaction at all. Just make sure that you were never charged for fraud in your previous call center job.

8. Family owned businesses and companies

After your imprisonment, your family will still be with you. If ever your family owned any business, may it be a small novelty shop in the city or an online shop, try asking them if they need an extra hand in managing the business. You can also ask some close relatives and friends if they can hire you to their own businesses.

9. Starting a small business

If you have difficulty looking for job, why don’t you start your own business? You will be the boss as well as the employer so no one can question your records. It may be difficult in the beginning but as time passes by, you can surely learn how to manage.

10. Temporary work agencies

If ever you have difficulty looking for the right job due to criminal records, try applying in temporary work agencies. Of course, you will need to explain your situation as well as how it will not affect your job if ever you will be hired. Works being offered by temporary work agencies vary depending on the specialization need such as in accounting, health care and technical jobs.

After being convicted for felony, part of your privileges in looking for job is also removed from you. May this not affect your outlook in life, but use it as a challenge in order to be successful in any chosen career.