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10 Money Saving Countries to Visit

10 Money Saving Countries to Visit Photo


Tired of the same old place you are visiting with your friends or a partner? Do you want an out of country vacation without too much spending? Here’s a list of countries that you can visit if you are on a tight budget.

1. Thailand

The first in our list is a South Eastern Asian country known for its rich culture and affordable location. Also, Thailand has lots of Buddhism temples and architectural masterpieces and you can get inside for only 87 cents. You can also try different Thai cuisines and authentic iced tea at roadside stores.

2. Morocco

From Southeast Asia, we’ll move to Northwestern Africa where the country Morocco is located. In this country, you can see some incredible sites and save a lot of money on different goods, restaurants and hotels. You can get the best quality bags and jackets in Place Vendome for as low as $20. If you have $100, you can rent an entire guesthouse for one night.

3. Croatia

If you love beautiful hostels, coastlines, Renaissance towns, inexpensive restaurants and bars, prepare yourself for Croatia. The hostels here are very cheap and start at around $10. If you can avail something more than that, you can go to Brac Island and stay at a very charming hotel for only $65/night.

4. Hungary

Let’s stay in Europe for a bit and move a little to Hungary. If you want to see architectural styles like the one in Paris or Prague without spending too much, then visit Budapest! Budapest shows an example of old Europe and is a must see tourist destination. You can get huge meals for $5, ride trains for $1 and stay at hotels for only $20/night.

5. Portugal

Unlike Spain and Italy, Portugal has the same Mediterranean flavor without the high cost. Here, your dollars can go far with hostels and foods. Travel is also cheap in Lisbon than other European cities like Paris and London.

6. Argentina

From Europe, let’s invade South America and visit the most happening location there, Argentina. Here, you can avail for the best Argentinean steaks for as low as $5 and watch at the theater for only $15.  At night, there are too many nightclubs to enter for only $2. After the crazy football, drinking and dancing, you can rest at the nearest hotel for just $65 per night.

7. Mexico

Airfare, accommodation and food prices have made Mexico and excellent option for travelers. Everything here is relatively cheap even in tourist areas. In Mexico, you can explore enjoy exotic beaches, scuba diving and explore the Yucatan Peninsula. You can also enjoy the mouth watering foods and different notable attractions.

8. Turkey

The cost of living in Istanbul is getting more expensive. Despite this, Turkey remains to be a cheap option for travelers.  You can have a lot of shopping bargain on Grand Bazaar and on many antique shops in here. There is news that hotel rates are going to shot up because of popularity. Can we say that this is the best time to take advantage of it?

9. Dominican Republic

The best time to go here is on February and November to save you from hurricanes.  Dominican Republic has too many mouthwatering Spanish dishes which ranges from $2-$10. Five star quality hostels here only costs $40/night.

10. India

Isn’t it obvious that we are saving the most money saving country for last? Here in India, you can live in luxury without spending a lot of money. If you’re planning to burn your money here, do it literally. A meal on this country costs less than $1.  Aside from saving a lot for this travel, you can get a chance to visit a lot of historical places and beautiful Indian architectures such as Taj Mahal.