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10 Reasons for Conflict in the Workplace

10 Reasons for Conflict in the Workplace PhotoThe workplace is supposed to be an environment where personnel must work towards the same goals but for some reasons conflict arise and the smooth operation is disrupted. It is important to identify the source of the conflict and to provide a solution immediately. To let the conflict linger is not healthy and can affect the company’s overall performance.

 1. Mixed personalities

The workplace is a melting pot of different personalities. People have different values, orientation and a distinct way of looking at things. This sometimes results in conflicts between employees.

2. Competition

Competition is inherent in any organization. Some key personnel will try to compete with one another just to get the promotion they need. There is a healthy kind of competition and there is also the destructive one.

3. Miscommunication

The many departments in the company dictate that the means of communication must be efficient. Once miscommunication happens, it creates confusion and even conflict among different departments.

4. Favoritism

Favoring one employee over the others is one of the usual sources of conflict in the workplace. Management must take care not to be viewed as having favoritism to prevent this issue from taking place.

5. Difference of opinion

It is normal in a workplace to have different opinions coming from employees. A few may view a management move as unfair while others may look at it as positive. This happens normally in the giving of bonuses where some employees got a bigger bonus while the rest only got a small amount.

6. Low motivation

Poor motivation is a source of conflict in the workplace. If the employees have a negative attitude, it will definitely show in their performance. Motivating the employees is the job of management team and there are many ways to do it.

7. Poor performance

When one employee is performing well while others are not, it can also cause conflict. The non-performing employees usually feel that they look bad in the eyes of the management.

8. Conflicting objectives

Each department in the company has goals to achieve. Sometimes conflicts among departments happen because of their desire to achieve their goals. One example is the usual conflict between sales group and the collection unit.

9. Gender issues

When one gender is discriminated in favor of the other, expect to have conflict in the workplace. Issues of this kind are no longer tolerated but somehow still happen.

10. Poor management skills

If the problem is with the leadership skills of the management team, expect to have conflicts in the company. The manager must have the necessary leadership skills that can bring out the best from the employees. When there is poor leadership, the tendency is to have employees who do not respect their manager.

Conflicts in the workplace come in many forms. It could be a big issue or something that can be allowed to dissipate in due time. When conflicts among employees or between management and employees occur, it is important to look for solutions right away.