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10 Saving Tips for Women

10 Saving Tips for Women PhotoFinding yourself scrimping money until the next payday? Here are some creative and unconventional tips to save money and help you stretch that dollar.

Use petroleum jelly instead of lip gloss

Petroleum jelly has so many uses it’s hard to keep count. This is a reason why you should always have one in your purse. Have rough elbows? Have dry lips or hair? Need to shine your patent leather pumps? All these can be done using Petroleum Jelly. After wearing your favorite matte lip stick, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly for that luscious shine.

List income instead of bills

Most people keep a list of bills they need to pay: utilities, credit cards, groceries and loans. Instead of listing payables, include some income generating activities on your list. Payday, selling stuff on eBay, how much you’ll be getting from an online job – these are some of the things you can start including on the list as well.

Shop at the Salvation Army or any thrift store

Non-key wardrobe items, such as tank tops, shirts or inner blouses can be bought from the Salvation Army. These clothes can be worn under jackets, scarves or coats.

Use rechargeable batteries

Do you know that America uses 3 billion disposable batteries a year? Cut down on costs by using rechargeable NiMH batteries. Though initial costs are not bad (a charger which includes 4 sets of AA rechargeable NiMH batteries costs $16.15 at Amazon.com), it is the cut down on costs in the long run which is important.

Switch hairstyles

Long locks are harder to maintain than the short, pixie bob. Think Emma Watson for Lancome or Anne Hathaway on Les Miserables. You can get big savings on maintenance costs (shampoo, hot oil) especially if you go au naturelle on the hair color.

Eat before hitting the grocery

Do you know that you have the tendency to buy more items at the grocery on an empty stomach? Before hitting the grocery, make sure you had a full meal. It would also be easier to stick to your grocery list.

Do lunch outs instead of dinners

Have to meet friends for some girl bonding? Why not do lunch outs instead of dinners? The lunch specials are cheaper and the serving size is more reasonable.

Keep loose change

If you gather all the loose coins you have sitting in your house, your purse, your car, it could all add up into a significant amount. According to Coinstar, Americans have $10 billion of loose change rolling around. Store all loose change in a jar or a vase you are not using. Over time, you can use this for small emergencies.

Save on wrapping paper

Instead of buying a large sheet of paper to wrap small presents, you can just print an artistic black and white pattern on your printer (on draft mode) on a sheet of A4 paper. Get cool wrapping paper patterns at Gift-Wrapit.

Unplug appliances when not in use

Even if you think that your household appliances are turned off, it is still using a small amount of electricity. Sum it all up, your TV, laptop, DVD player, chargers and it means significant amount on your electric bill.

Nothing beats the value of saving especially in these rough times. Once you practice some of the tips above, you will discover new and creative ways to save money. Have some money saving idea? Share it with us!