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10 Simple Team-Building Exercises

10 Simple Team-Building ExercisesTeamwork is very important in any company as this ensures better flow of work in the workplace and makes them work to achieve a common purpose. When workers are able to work hand in hand, they will be more productive in their work and eliminate conflicts. During your retreat, you can use these simple team-building exercises to make the employees experience fun and enjoyment while they learn valuable lessons from the activities.

Tag team game

In this exercise, the participants are divided in groups of four to eight and they are going to write their individual strengths and other attributes that can help obtain success. They will then discuss this within the team. After the discussion, every team will be provided with a large sheet of paper and markers and create the ultimate team member. They will have to come up with a story about this imaginary person and relate what he or she can do with the different strengths and good attributes that the individuals in the team have.

Paper tower exercise

This kind of exercise teaches the individuals about the essentials and importance of timing, planning and thinking on their own. Every participant will receive a sheet of paper and instruct to construct a free-standing structure in five minutes just by using paper. After the activity, there should be a discussion on who planned the structure, what could have been done and who ran out of time.

Logic puzzle

This can make the workers sharpen their problem-solving skills as a team. You can create different teams for this game so that there is camaraderie and competition formed. Each team should try to solve the puzzle and finish first.

Scavenger hunt

This kind of exercise or game makes use of small teams. Two to three people will do. Their goal is to collect the items identified on the retrieval list. The list would be created by the facilitators. The teams are going to work together to look for the items enumerated before the time is consumed.

Pass the plate

To build a strong bond in a team, there should be coordination. Participants will be divided in teams of six people in each line. Every person will get a plastic drinking cup and there would be a standard dinner plate provided in every line. The first person will place the cup on the plate and pass this to the next without moving the cup placed ahead.  The team that gets the last cup on the plate without any cup falling of wins the game.

Blind drawing

The exercise uses communication skills wherein a group would be divided in pairs. The pairs would sit back to back. A drawing that comes with basic shapes is provided to one person in every pair. The other person is given a paper and pencil. The one with the drawing will help the other recreate the image by giving instructions and descriptions about the drawing.

Four-way stand

Each person in the team should have good physical health for this activity. There are four people in every team and they are going to sit back to back on the floor forming a star. They would lock arms and stand together as a group. From this activity the participants learn the advantage of working together and relying on other team members.


This is a team-building exercise that would require chairs, conference room and also a blindfold for execution. One person would be left outside and the rest of the team would scatter the chairs throughout the room. The person left outside will be blindfolded. He should be guided to make his way in the room without bumping on a chair. This kind of exercise teaches teamwork and communication.

Eye contact

This is quite simple but it teaches the lesson of being able to make eye contact so that they can learn to trust each other and feel comfortable when communicating. The game is participated by pairs. They are to stand facing each other and stare at their partner for at least 60 seconds. Participants are not allowed to use sunglasses or eye glasses.

Mine field

This exercise requires a huge free space. There are mines placed everywhere and they can be bowling pins, balls, cones and others. There are two participants in every team. One can see and talk while the other is blindfolded and is not allowed to speak. The person who can see and talk would give directions to the blindfolded teammate and ensure that no mines are hit so that penalties are avoided. The idea behind this game is to make them trust each other.