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10 Tips on Visual Merchandising

10 Tips on Visual Merchandising PhotoWhen you want to bring in more customers into your store, you can use visual merchandising to make it happen. Here are some tips tried and tested tips that can help you present your products in the most attractive way possible:

1. Use lighting to emphasize featured products

Accent lighting can draw customers’ attention to products. It can create a dramatic effect which makes products more attractive to the eyes of a potential buyer.

2. Be creative with your display

The reason why retailers spend money on buying mannequins and interior decorations is mainly for impression. The eye-catching presentation often heartens customers to check out what the shop has to offer.

3. Use colors to draw attention

Color has the power to command interest, stir up emotions and control decisions. Make your store color work to your advantage and use combinations that would call a buyer’s attention even from a distance.

4. Incorporate motion

Anything that moves can easily catch attention. If you have items like music boxes, toys or clocks that moves, set one up as a sample and let the customers see the merchandise working.

5. Send a message through the senses

A really good visual merchandising is one that appeals not just to the eyes but for the other senses as well. So embrace all the senses and think of how your store smells, sounds and feels to your customers.

6. Show how the products will look at home

When you give people an idea of how the products would look like when they bring them home, they will be more interested to take out their pocket and make the buy.

7. Use the rule of three

One of the most effective displays that you could come up with is the group of three. If you will arrange by height, make it tall, taller, tallest. Or if you want it by price, make it good, better, best.

8. Group similar items or uses

A logical arrangement of similar items makes it easier for people to do their shopping. It would be a wise move to create groupings according to type, color, size or price of the products.

9. Displays must be within reach

If you want your products to be noticed right away, then put them somewhere that is easy to reach. Customers often do not pay attention to items that are beyond eye level.

10. Change your store’s display regularly

Ideally, the display must be changed weekly so that customers will see new or just different products that they have not seen during their previous visit.

Visual merchandising is an art that could work wonders to your business. Do it well and you will be amazed at how it can keep the sales coming.