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10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work


Are you wondering why you can’t produce the same outputs as the younger guys? Maybe you just need to be refreshed or informed of the new ways to be more productive. Check this list, learn from it and see yourself back again on the race.

1. Multitask

To finish a heap of tasks fast, all that you need to do is multitask. Multitasking is where you are handling one more task at the same time. An example of this is by taking a call while sending an email to a different client or customer. If you will try to measure the time of doing only one task in hand and multitasking, you will be able to see the big difference.

2. Use keyboard shortcuts

A lot of hours are being saved by different keyboard shortcuts. The best of them all is the Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) shortcut, wherein there is no need for you to click a lot using your mouse.  There are more shortcuts that you can try, learn and master. Notice how fast you will get once you’ve mastered them all.

3. Set an hourly goal

If you’ve been given a target for a day, divide it to your work hours and the result should be your produced output per hour. For example, your target per day is 40 transactions and you have 8 work hours. This means that you need to process 5 transactions in an hour. For a better productivity, you can set up to a 7 per hour goal.

4. Make a list and stick to it

Some people make a to-do list for a day or week. If you will do so, follow it so that you can make sure that nothing has been missed.

5. Organize everything

You will be having difficulties in doing a task if everything is not organized. First, you have to organize your thoughts, think what you need to do and then think again for what’s next. Organize the important files so that you won’t be wasting a lot of working hours searching for them

6. Avoid activities that is not related to work

Do not take advantage of the free Wi-fi service in your work area. The same thing goes with using Facebook using your work computer. It eats up a lot of time that you should be using for processing or doing work related activities. Close all the browsers except the one that you are using for work.

7. Motivate yourself and be inspired

Employees that are talented and well motivated produce more outputs than those who are not. Inspire yourself and think of something that will make you feel motivated. Think of your good projects and feel nice about it. On that way you will be inspired to produce the same or a better quality of work within a short period of time.

8. Take advantage of easy tasks

There is always a time that you will encounter tasks that are very easy to finish. Though you have finished it fast, it doesn’t mean that you have to wander on the time that’s left. Move on immediately to the next task so that the opportunity of you previously getting an easy task won’t be in vain.

9. Plan ahead

At the end of the day, think of something you could do to make your productivity a lot better for the next day of work. If you know that you are having issues setting up the computer, call an IT consultant immediately so that they can work on it while you’re gone. If this has been fixed, then, you will have no worries about it on the next day.

10. Use technology

If you are answering a call using your computer and you need to take down notes, do not search for a pen and paper. Just pull up the notepad tool on your computer screen and type in those details. If you get it wrong, deleting it would be very easy. The same goes on saving yourself and others on taking a lot of time to understand your handwriting.