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10 Ways to Make Extra Cash

10 Ways to Make Extra Cash PhotoMoney is never out of trend. Actually, it escalates its worth as year gets older. You wouldn’t want to be out of fashion, would you? So, to make extra cash, here are tips that will possibly suite your style:

1. Be friends with a piggy bank

Common and trendy. Piggy banks make you save every day. A cent or more for a day starts the blast. Savings are hard to maintain for most but, it will not be a harm if you try. Through saving with your piggy-friend, you may do something out of it and make it grow, something that interests you, something about business – the only way to multiply cash.

2. Turn a thing to cash

Sell things that you no longer use or need at home. Turn them into cash. The easiest way to sell them is through advertising over the wide spreading medium, the internet, or in any other strategic way.

3. Talent = Cash

Everybody is entitled to a talent within themselves. With this, you may use your talent and hobbies as means to earn extra cash. Use it in both ways to enjoy and earn.

4. Try online job

If you have too much unused time everyday, working online will be a good idea. Use your time online working and earning extra cash. There are vast work there so hurry up and catch one too.

5. Share your knowledge

Share something and gain form it. Try being a tutor, it will not eat too much of your time. If you are student and you want to earn cash, schedule your tutor service every weekend or every after class, corresponding your tutee’s availability.

6. Have extra space at home? 

Renting a room is much cheaper that renting a unit. It will be a good business to start. If you have an unoccupied room, let it be paid by a tenant. Remember to offer a reasonable price that will be an effective bait.

7. Convert gift cards to cash

Let your gift cash be spent by others; sell it to them. If you are not interested with the product or you are not a shopaholic then that will be a good help to earn extra cash.

8. Hair for sale

Your hair, if untreated and long, can be purchased as either a wig and extensions. Keep your natural hair and make money from it.

9. Dog’s bestfriend

Take a walk and earn extra cash. Just go to a park with somebody’s dog – yes, be a dog sitter. This may serve as an exercise for you too.

10. Blog for cash

Know much about things around? Blog them off and earn from them. Advertisements and endorsed products or even your own products might catch people’s interests.