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10 Ways to Make Money in High School

10 Ways to Make Money in High School Photo


Making money while in high school is a great experience. Aside from being able to buy your own stuff, the experience is a great way to build self reliance.

As you know the law is very strict with child labor. It limits the jobs you’re supposed to take and it’s for your own good.

Here are cool ideas you might find interesting. They’re easy and will definitely earn you some bucks.

1. Lifeguard

Good in swimming? Earn admiration and some dollars at the same time.

According to child labor laws, 15 year olds are permitted. Your skills in swimming can definitely be put to good use.

Apply at traditional swimming pools and water amusement parks. They’re the only places permitted by the law.

2. Library clerk

If I were still in high school, I’d apply for this job! It’s absolutely cool to work at an office.

Clerical work at government agencies are published in their websites. According to pima.gov, they are accepting 14-17 year olds.

An advantage of working at libraries is that you can work during summer. It doesn’t take away time from studying.

3. Office clerk

Very few high school students are familiar with fax machines and Xerox machines. If you know how to operate these, you have an advantage.

Small offices as well as government agencies need help with clerical work. These jobs can be fun for you especially when you can encode fast.

4. Advertising

You can absolutely do this job! With your car, you can accept ads and display them on your car. Driving around the neighborhood has never been fun.

5. Web designing

Designing web pages are great ways to earn. When I say great, I mean big bucks great!

Take the example of 16 year old Christian Owens. In one article, he was featured to have made millions.

Web page designing needs an eye for detail and creativity. You’ll have to know XHTML or PHP and CSS. If you’re familiar with these already, start designing!

6. Writing

Did you know there are countless writing contests out there? You could earn $500 competing against other high school students. Take a look at Western Michigan University’s website, there’s good contests waiting for you.

Love poems and short stories? Have you done news writing in the past? You can send your pieces online.

Contests are always being published.

7. Cashiering

Being a cashier can offer an experience that’s fruitful in the future. Besides making a few bucks, you’ll develop math and social skills. You’ll need these if you want to pursue a career in finance or business.

According to Glassdoor, cashiering can pay $6-$12 per hour. Now that’s not too bad.

8. Grocery employee

Working at groceries for a few hours is a respectable job for teens. The department of Labor permits 14-15 year olds for positions like:

  • Cashiering
  • Bagging
  • Carrying customer orders
  • Packing
  • Shelving

These are practically easy jobs. Doing these beats doing nothing.

9. Lawn Mowing

This is a good way to make money while in high school.

Bloggers say you can target houses that are to be sold. Agents need to keep lawns looking good to attract buyers and this is where you come in. Agents will choose teens since pay is generally much lower than professional work.

10. Photography and Photoshop

Your keen eye for detail can make you money.

Selling your own photos can only bring you a few dollars but… doing Photoshop for others will add some more.

Many people do not know how to edit photos. They need to restore photos or remove red eyes. Sometimes, they’ll need to change backgrounds.

Here you can offer you services and charge a cheaper price. People will keep coming to you instead of going to expensive shops.

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    Indeed there’s a lot of ways to earn money while still studying, nowadays, it’s practical for young people to earn some extra cash to provide for their basic needs.. Thanks for this wonderful idea for our youths.