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10 Ways to Make Money with Your Cell Phone

10 Ways to Make Money with Your Cell Phone PhotoDo you have a cell phone in your hand right now? Want to make easy cash? These tips are the easiest ways to make cash. You don’t need to be a genius to do these. All you will need is your Smartphone, iPhone or Android.

Cell phones cost. Wouldn’t it be cool if we made money from them too? Fortunately, phones now can connect to the internet and here is how we can make easy cash. Through phone apps, we can now answer surveys. We can take pictures, verify maps, etc. and get paid in return!

1. Get paid by browsing the net using your phone

Do you have idle time everyday? Why not make it productive by surfing the web? How?

Use your phone for internet access and get paid for:

  • Completing surveys
  • Mobile searches
  • Playing games
  • Buying online

These activities are really easy. You won’t have to sweat. Your head won’t hurt out of too much thinking. You can just lie back while your fingers do everything!

Thru your Android and iPhone, access Swagbucks. You can easily register and participate with their online activities.

By completing the above online actions, you earn points that have corresponding cash or gift card rewards.

Click this link for confessions of ordinary people who used their phones: Swagbucks Testimonials

2. Take pictures, Test mobile apps, Do shopping with your phone

For actions done with your phone, you can earn from $5 – $90. Sounds very easy right? That’s because it is.

Download Gigwalk to your iPhone or Android. This App is amazing for you earn as big as your daytime job! Browsing the net has never been so financially productive with this phone App.

With Gigwalk, you ca do “gigs” or post “gigs”. You’re tasked to photograph product prices for comparison then submit them. These actions are super fun and really fruitful.

Learn more how to make money with your phone with this link: How to do and post “gigs”

3. Record Videos

Do you want to get paid via Paypal for ultra easy tasks? With your cellphone, you can take pictures and videos of product prices. You can then submit these files to retrieve cash.

Easyshift, an iPhone app makes you do simple errands. Using your phone, you can record videos and then submit them online. I must say that completing “shifts” can be very addicting. Pay is quick and doing it is fun.

Easyshift according to many is the new favorite “money making” app for phones. There are newer tasks and getting paid everyday is possible.

Check this link out to read reviews: Reviews and Blogs 

4. Act like a secret agent and use your phone

Well, you’re not really a secret agent. And what you will be doing is completely legal. You’ll only be just providing info about minute stuff.

Markets of different products are very competitive nowadays. That’s why they pay ordinary people to find out prices and info about these products. By using your phone, you can submit info online and get paid!

Are you fond of research work? Coz you know, you can use your phone for simple tasks and get paid from $3 – $10. You can do this while in the shopping mall. You can do this even while standing in line.

Field Agent, another popular iPhone app is a favorite among people. It pays you cash for recon, research and information.

By using your mobile phone’s internet, get paid for doing:

  • Price checks
  • Store product photos
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product reviews
  • Verification of store locations
  • Research of local events
  • And so much more

5. Bring your phone with you when you walk in stores

Whether or not you buy, you get rewarded. Open Shopkick in your Smartphone when walking into stores and get discounts. As easy as that!

When you’re in the store, open the app in your cell phone. Signals transmit and in your phone, points accumulate. These can be used for shopping.

Toys R Us, Macy’s, Old Navy and many others honor “kicks” or discount points.

6. Play games

Who said playing cell phone games is a waste of time? It’s a good way to use time.

With apps, you can collect points by playing online. These points are then converted to cash. All you need is your cell phone and an app called CheckPoints 

Check out these reviews on how playing games earn cash: review 

7. Buy and sell

Have you tried eBay before? Then using it in your cell phone now will be a breeze.

With an eBay cell phone app, you can catch a good deal and sell a better deal for yourself.

Make money with your cell phone with this eBAy app. It’s easy, it’s free and it’s extremely profitable.

8. Monitor your stocks

Do you have stocks and need to know when to buy or sell? Then using Stock Alerts is for you. This cell phone app is perfect for making you aware of what’s happening in the stock market.

Earn some cash by selling stocks early. News about the market is also provided.

9. Sell your opinions thru your cell phone

Since your cell phone can connect to the internet, why not make a few dollars? Your opinions are valuable to businessmen and they pay for it. With a cell phone app called iPinion, completing surveys can be profitable.

Download this app for free and install. Answering surveys pays a few bucks, it’s so cool.

10. Watch TV and log in with your cell phone

How enjoyable is this? Watching TV and logging in with your cell phone brings in goodies? This is probably the coolest way to earn.

Have you heard of the cell phone app called Viggle? It can be downloaded to your Smartphone and accessing it is incredibly easy!

When the cell phone app is activated, the mobile’s microphone records parts of the show you’re watching. It then matches it with currently airing programs. If you’re watching shows currently on Viggle’s list, you get points. These points translate to gift cards.

Read these to see reviews and testimonials: Reviews and FAQS.

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