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10 Ways to Release Stress

Even the most laid back person isn’t immune to stress induced outbursts. It’s nothing to be ashamed about if you get a little hot headed once in a while.

Stress has numerous triggers, and it gets even harder once all your minor irritations have piled up. Luckily there are just as many ways to relieve stress, as there are things that cause it.

According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, 50% of Americans respond to stress by feeling angry or irritable. Next time you feel the onset of stress, take note of the following tips while walking away whenever you feel the need to bite someone’s head off.


There’s no doubt about it, screaming your lungs out is cathartic. Just make sure you don’t start yelling at random people in the office, because they’ll think you’re a lunatic, and that will probably cause you more guilt stress.

Walk away from the cause of your stress and head straight to the building balcony or any other secluded place. Once you’re alone and out of sight, jump around and work those lungs.

You don’t even have to yell out names or obscenities. A simple “AAAAAH” usually hits the spot already.

Visit your favorite funny website

In other words, distract yourself. If you’re particularly antsy about a big meeting, allow yourself a five minute Reddit break. Seeing an adorable cat or gerbil can have unbelievably soothing effects.

Whether its funny images, or a couple of off color jokes, these little pick me ups are usually enough to calm your nerves and refocus your interests.

Have an inane conversation

If you can’t get a certain stress inducing topic out of your mind, engage in aimless conversation. This could be with any random person such as the cafe barista or your officemate.

Ask them about their weekend, their pets or any topic that’s as far away from whatever is causing you stress. Resolve to focus on their responses and try to be engaging yourself.

This tactic is usually effective in reminding you that whatever you’re thinking of isn’t as important as you think. Other people have just as valid concerns that are worth focusing on.

Get out and see some greenery

Aside from increasing worker productivit, plants are magic beings that calm humans down. Maybe its their quiet regality or their ability to grow independently that’s soothing, but nevertheless invest in a plant or two in your office.

Taking care of another living thing will make you feel important and needed. So if you’re stressed about feeling unnecessary or unwanted invest in these leafy creatures that are sure to depend on you!

Find a baby to hug

The next time you find yourself antsy, offer your babysitting services to your neighbor. Not only do you get o revel in your good deed, children also prove to be the best distraction.

Before you know it, you find yourself wrapped up in their concerns about picking out green M&Ms or cutting out the perfect snowflake. They also have a unique perspective, so try sharing a bit of your problem to them. Chances are shed new light to whatever your problem is.

Go into your zone

There must be something you know you can do really really well. Whether it’s cross stitching or cooking, engage in your go to ego boosting habit whenever stress creeps in.

Stress is often caused by feeling like a failure. Reminding yourself that you’re good at something is a way to feel less like a failure

Organize your desk drawer

These little projects are great because they provide the instant gratification of accomplishing something. No wonder so many movies show characters taking to the broom or the mop when things fall apart.

So don’t dismiss the therapeutic powers of cleaning out a closet, whether you take this literally or figuratively.

Listen to Music

Do you notice that music lovers are less prone to losing it? It’s simply because listening to a favorite song can do wonders to boost your psyche.

So the next time you can can’t stand the city buzz anymore, plug into your ipod and drown out all the white noise. This is a tried and tested method. In fact, the American Psychological Association cites listening to music as the most practiced stress busting technique being employed by over 48% of Americans.

Drink Water

Oh the power of water is almost endless. Aside from clear skin, a healthy body and a way to keep fit, drinking your 8 -10 glasses has also shown to be effective in calming a person down.

So never leave home without a bottle of agua. When you find yourself stressed by the long lines at the train station or those early phone calls your boss is notorious for, take a deep breath and chug.

Stay in the present!

Its funny how often we forget how good we have it by getting too worked up about the past or the future. Resolve to stay in the now, and watch those wrinkles fade away.

Stop concerning yourself with things that you can’t control. Resign yourself to focusing on only the things that you can impact. This action oriented approach will snap you out of the haze of uncertainty for sure.