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10 Ways to Save Water for Kids

10 Ways to Save Water for Kids PhotoThere are many ways to save water for kids and some of them are here outlined. It pays to teach the young ones early on about the importance of saving water so they can carry the needed attitude when they grow up. Some of the tips here should be taught by parents but there are also those that the kids can naturally learn even without guidance.

1. Tightly turn off faucet after each use

Make sure to turn off the faucet tightly enough to stop the water from dripping. If you leave the faucet not fully closed, it can affect water bills especially if left for a long period.

2. Do not take long showers

It is not good for your health to stay very long in the shower with water running. You might get colds and worse even flu. It also helps to conserve water if you will take only a brief time in the shower.

3. Turn-off faucet while brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth and gargling afterwards is important. But while brushing your teeth, you can turn the faucet off so water is not wasted. There is also the tendency to hurry up brushing when water is running so you won’t be able to brush your teeth fully if the faucet is turned on.

4. Avoid over-watering the plants

It is fun watering the plants daily or every other day as the need dictates. But before you do it, make sure that the soil is dry and actually needing to be watered. You can skip watering the plants when you see the soil where they are planted is still damp or cold when touched.

5. Get advice from your parents

When you are not sure about how to use water for anything, do not hesitate to ask your parents. For instance, you can scrub the porch floor instead of hosing the dirt out of it.

6. Encourage friends to do the same

Tell friends about how you are trying to conserve water and entice them to do the same. Show them how to do it if needed.

7. Tell mom or dad about the leaking faucet

If you noticed that a faucet is still leaking even though you already closed it, do not forget to tell mom or dad about it. Your dad is the jack of all trades in the house and he might have a reserve faucet so he can readily fix it.

8. Avoid water games

It’s fun to play water games especially when it is summer. When water is sprinkled in the garden you can also play. But try to avoid consuming too much water for games. It helps a lot in controlling your water bills.

9. Re-use water

If you are using washing machine to wash clothes, do not waste the last wash by letting it drain. You can use it to water the plants or to clean the floor.

10. Drink from the pitcher in the fridge

It takes some time before the water in the faucet turns cold so if you’re in a hurry, just drink from the pitcher in your fridge. Always make sure you fill up the pitcher so you have cold water ready anytime.