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11 Business Ideas With Small Investment

11 Business Ideas With Small Investment PhotoWho said profitable business needed big capital? Ever heard of own talents being converted to money? Yep, your talents are a great source of money. And the best thing about them, they’re entirely free!

Are you any good in dancing? How about playing the guitar? What about writing?

All these attributes translate to money. All you need to know is how. And I’ll show you just that.

1. Instructional videos

Whenever I find myself wanting to know how a thing is done, I check Youtube. Recently, it was how to play Bruno Mars’ “Just the way you are” on guitar. What I found out is that not only do talented people share talents, they make money from it.

After sharing free stuff in the net, create your own videos. Copyright those materials and start selling them. It’s a great business.

Here are examples of instructional videos that sell like hotcakes:

2. Write about your expertise. Write your imagination out.

On a piece of paper or with your computer, write your mind out! Just like instructional videos, you can share knowledge and information. Inspire people and motivate them.

Again secure copyright then sell them.


3. Accept advertisements in your blog

Writing about anything and nothing can be wonderfully profiting. To some people your writing can be so interesting. It gathers thousands of views online.

Capitalize by accepting advertisements. Space on your blog gets paid.

4. Open your own studio

Have a passion for dancing? How about painting?

Your knowledge and experience on ballet, ballroom, hip hop, etc. can be profitable. Kids and adults today love to know how to dance. Rent space at a noticeable spot and start teaching.

If you’re passionate about painting, why not show the world? Renting space isn’t that expensive. Display your work.

I once saw a young painter doing work in the park. People were wowed by his work. In the afternoon when he was done, he had sold a piece.

5. Teach Yoga

Do you know that thousands of Americans spend lots of money on yoga? Studies show that this is a favorite anti stress activity among Americans. If you’re experienced and had spent years doing it, why not teach it?

Many instructional DVDs about yoga had come out recently. Most of them were very impractical for beginners. You can make a DVD and teach very simple poses. Make it super interesting.

You can do servicing at clients’ homes too. Or you can do sessions at your home.

6. Teach English

In Asia, there’s increasing demand for English online teachers. College students as well fresh graduates take this opportunity to teach Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, etc. how to speak English. Pay is done by the hour and is an easy gig.

If you want a business out of it, create a website. Post some free video or any material to arouse curiosity.

7. Be a consultant

Are you an expert in fashion? Do people say you’re a genius in web designing? How long have you worked in Human Resource?

Expertise in ANY field can be very profitable. Create your own little company that advises people how to do this and that.


Starting small is cool. Post ads or distribute flyers. Place your little company in friends’ blogs. Create a Facebook page about it.

8. Give driving lessons / create your own driving school

Have you noticed that driving schools are not really that many in an area? There maybe one in town but they’re fees are ridiculously expensive. I’d have second thoughts on enrolling there myself.

Driving schools are a hot business today. Creating a driving school won’t cost you much but you’d have to be meticulous. Start with a few cars and attract customers with lower fees.

9. Home based catering services

Put you cooking talents to good use. According to Yahoo Voices, this business is a hit.

Since you don’t have much capital, you can focus on specialties like cakes. For now concentrate on that.  Putting up a salad bar is also a great idea.

10. Create a Day Nursery

Every busy parent must leave her child somewhere right? Be the right person to take care of children. There’s money in that too.

Taking care of children is serious business. You’ll have to pass necessary requirements. If you care for kids and have tons of patience, this business is for you.

11. Freelancing

You are very talented. You can write, you can draw, you can present.

Out there, other businessmen are too busy to do PowerPoint presentations. Some of them can’t write speeches. Many of them can’t make their own websites.

This is your chance to make money. Make yourself known in the net. Create a site that invites these people and do the jobs they can’t.