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11 Ways to Generate More Cash During Your Spare Time

The bleak economic outlook is making a lot of people dissatisfied with their 9 to 5 jobs. They feel that even if they work daily, the rising prices of commodities today is forcing them to spend more than they need to and more than what they have.

The number of people getting in debt is steadily rising by the minute and more are finding themselves on the brink of bankruptcy.

Everywhere you look people are tightening their belts, however, most are finding that sticking to a budget is not enough anymore. Fortunately, with a little imagination and some effort there are many ways to actually make money during your spare time.

Fight the credit crunch now with the different ways of making cash!

Some may be a little more difficult than others buy when you see the extra cash start trickling in; your efforts will not be for naught.

Be a mystery shopper

Retail therapy is something which every woman wants but if you are one of the ladies who cannot afford to hit the shops just now, you might as well earn money while shopping.

The only catch is you are not shopping for yourself.

There are various websites today which employ the help of mystery shoppers and rate their experiences in boutiques, shops and restaurants. After sending in your feedback, you will get paid up to $20 a day.

You might also get to enjoy other perks such as a nice stay at a hotel or an excellent meal.

Rent out parking space

If you live close to a prime area such as a football stadium or shopping center, you will be very glad to know that you are sitting on a proverbial goldmine.

Rent out your empty parking space to a commuter or lovers of sports and you will rake in money in no time.

There are many sites online where you can advertise your parking space free of charge. A parking space in the metropolis can cost as much as $50.

Sell stuff which you no longer need or use

Look at your closet and look at all the things which you have in your house. Chances are you have not used some of them for over a year.

It does not take much time and effort to sell slightly used things as long as you do not try to sell everything at once.

There are various sites online which will allow you to sell stuff such as Craigslist and Ebay.

Not only will you be able to earn extra money during your spare time, you will also be cleaning your house in the process. You will have less clutter and more space.

Rent out your extra room

Have extra space at home? Rent it out and earn extra money. Why put a lot of clutter in a room when you can make money from it?

Stop paying a lot of money for your home, start earning from it. You could make as much as $200 from renting a spare room.

Sell your skills

Do you draw really nice portraits? Do you write informative and entertaining articles?

If you have special skills, make money from them. Make use of your talents and augment your income at the same time.

Answer surveys that pay

How would you like to answer a few survey questions and make some serious dollars at the same time?

There is a myriad of opportunities available on the Internet today and this is one of them. Several sites will reward you vouchers and points for your opinions.


Are you an expert in photography? Do you like cooking? Are you a good quilter?

Blog about the things which you love doing and you will be earning money in no time.

There are many people who would like to connect with others who like the same things they do.

If you write a really good blog, you will see money coming in shortly and you will also become a very popular personality on the Internet. You can also get additional money by reviewing products and services.


Are you wiz at Math? Do you have straight As in science?

Become a tutor.

Not only will you be able to earn money, you will also be helping students at the same time.

Many students today need guidance and someone to teach them lessons which they have a hard time with at school.

Start by advertising your services to neighborhood children. When you do your job really well, word of mouth will get around and in no time you will have a lot of clients.


The trash in your home can be transformed to money. Materials such as steel, aluminum, and paper can be recycled for profits. Your bank account will be very happy and so will mother Earth.

Be a member of a focus group

Being a participant in a focus group is another way of making easy money fast.

There are many companies which are conducting researches which are aimed to making their product a lot better in order to get more customers.

You can get as much as $75 just giving out your opinion on coffee ads, detergents and other products.

Call dozens of market research companies to get your name and address on their database.

Aside from making money, you can also get free products.

Get paid posting on forums

Forums have become a very big part of the Internet.  A lot of people find them beneficial and informative. It is also a place where people can talk about their favorite subjects. Forums can be very profitable businesses.

The problem of forum owners is that not all forums are popular at the beginning and this is why forum owners employ people to participate.

This makes the forum look active and busy and helps pull in more real members. Search on the Internet for forums which pay money for posts.

Remember that it willingness effort and commitment for any endeavor to succeed and saving money is not an exception. Good luck!

  • Aliensmoney

    Hi Mark,
    I do agree, in these economic it’s very hard to keep financially healthy, those ways can help stay healthy. Blogging is one of the top ways to make money online.