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9 Ways To Recycle

11 Ways To Recycle

The tons of waste and garbage the human race has accumulated over time is the main cause of extremes in our climates today. Indeed, the garbage we dispose everyday creates serious environmental damage which in turn gets back to us.

It is important that everyone do his part to save our environment and keep our planet green.

Recycling is highly relevant to reduce the waste we create and prevent further harm to our surroundings. Here are some ways to recycle.

1. Recycle used paper

Whether you’re at home or at the office, when using paper, make use of both sides. Print or write on the two sides. When you take an effort to minimize paper wastage, you are also reducing the number of trees cut in the forest and help preserve nature.

2. Reuse paper, plastic or styrofoam cups

By reusing your paper, plastic or styrofoam cups, though it may sound gross, but you can greatly reduce environmental garbage. It will even be much better if you just use a mug for your coffee.

3. Have your own compost pit

All your wasted biodegradable materials will eventually decompose. You can use the compost in your garden to fertilize the soil and nourish your plants.

4. Reuse and recycle plastic bottles

You can use your empty soda bottles as pots for herbs and flowers in your garden. When you find a creative way to arrange plants using plastic bottles, they can be as attractive as other conventional plant pots.

5. Find a convenient way to recycle

Recycling can be very challenging especially when you have to segregate initially mixed waste materials. Label your waste bins accordingly. Create a separate garbage bin for plastics paper and kitchen waste. Recycling can be easier when you separate your waste products accordingly.

6. Only use Oxo Biodegradable shopping bags

Plastic bags do not decompose and are harmful to the environment. While Oxo Biodegradable bags are also reusable and will pose no environmental hazard.

7. Reuse plastic jars and containers

Plastic jars can be used to hold your pencils and pens and the other little things you use in school. If you are creative enough, you can further transform it into artistic holders for your school supplies and turn it into giveaways.

8. Use Only Rechargeable Batteries

Generally, batteries have toxic chemicals which cause environmental harm. By using rechargeable batteries, you will not need to dispose the battery since you can recharge and use it again. Furthermore, consider to taking your dead batteries to manufacturers. Some makers have safer ways of disposing it.

9. Recycle Electronic Gadgets

With today’s advancement in technology, mostly every individual owns more than one electronic gadget. Also, when broken, lots are thrown into the trash each day. Reduce electronic garbage by recycling your gadgets. You can also go to an electronic recycling warehouse in your area and have them take charge of your electronic waste.

Bottom line

Whatever recycling method you are used to, or how many ways you know about it, what matters most is your consistency in doing your share in protecting the environment.

Make it a part of your daily routine to reuse and recycle items that you use. Also encourage your family members to do such also.

  • http://clearitwaste.co.uk mika

    I do agree that we all need to recycle our waste! There are many things around us that we can recycle if we only do it!