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12 Gadgets that Can Save You Money

12 Gadgets that Can Save You Money PhotoFor decades, scientist has produced, if not billions, millions of gadgets that will make life become easier and still, they continue to produce every single day.

To help you find some gadgets that can save you money, here are some of them in any order.

1. Personal energy generator

It harnesses, the energy generated as a person moves about and transfer it into a free, modest power source of electric devices.

2. Wind turbine

It generates an AC power. It’s the same power that flows to your electric power outlet. Gusts of wind spin a series of rotor blades mounted on top of a tower, driving a generator that transfers the wind’s kinetic energy into AC power, the same type of energy that flows through the electric sockets.

3. Coffee maker

It enables you to produce brewed coffee in your own home. It can cut a large amount of money you spend for buying brewed coffee at the coffee shop.

4. Water Filtration System

The water will taste exactly different compared to tap water. The water’s taste will become better.

5. Programmable Thermostat

It reduces your energy consumption. It saves your money. These thermostats have pre-sets that can program the temperature again in a certain number of degrees on a set schedule.

6. Electricity Usage Monitor

If you want to know, which of your appliances has high consumption of energy, better have this kind of gadget. It provides data about the energy consumed.

7. Low flow shower head

An average of 12,000 gallons of water every year is reduced from your water consumption. It minimizes the pressure of the water from the faucets.

8. Price Comparison Apps

It is a smart app that enables you to compare prices of the items you want even without jumping from one store to another. It limits you from spending gasoline or paying transportation.

9. Telephone Alternative

Instead of paying thousands of money in your telephone bills, you could switch and take advantage of the internet. It is called VoIP or Voice over internet Protocol.

10. Outdoor Solar Light

Solar light is the best source of electricity. These solar lights store power when the Sun is still present, so you can use electricity for free during the night.

11. USB Flash Drives

A flash-drive or USB-key can be used over and over again. These days, almost all devices, are created with USB ports, so that you can use a USB key to exchange files instead of using CD-ROM’s or DVD’s. You can make use of them as a back-up medium also. It is reusable. Use a flash-drive / USB-key, and save money.

12. Battery Charger

Children nowadays don’t like using toys which is motionless. Battery operated toys are more attractive to kids rather than motionless toys. Instead of buying batteries every now and then, you can reduce your expenses by using rechargeable batteries as long as you have a battery charger. Be sure to buy a universal charger for a multipurpose usage.

Life becomes easy if the best solutions to the problems are easily found.