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12 Tips on Selling Your House

12 Tips on Selling Your House PhotoPeople have their own reasons on why they sell their houses. Some need to sell to move forward in life. Some sell to afford bigger houses for a growing family. Some sell old houses in exchange for fresher and more exciting surroundings.

Whatever the reasons are, people sell houses and they want it done quickly. Above all, they want it done with the greatest possible profit.

But what is it that makes selling so difficult? How many months have you been waiting now for a sale to happen? Take a look at these reasons; they might just be your problem:

  • Your house is overpriced
  • It’s not attractive
  • You have a lousy agent
  • There’s a lot of competition

Experts advise people to be real when wanting to make a sale. Here are some tips to make selling happen fast and profitable.

1. Make your old house look new

Ellen Galeski advices that it’s what you do to the home that makes sales happen. She says enhancing the beauty of the house is key to adding value. More than anything, it’s what calls on potential buyers.

Put yourself in the shoes of buyers. Would you buy a home with cracked walls? You would definitely ignore a house with creaking doors and mottled ceilings wouldn’t you?

2. Be realistic with the price

Overpricing is the most common reason why houses don’t sell. Home owners want more money. The truth is when you overprice, you’ve already shut doors on possible negotiations.

Always remember that buyers are educated. They research on the market price of houses in a neighborhood.

3. Choose your agent wisely

Does your agent explain things in simple and understandable ways? Do you understand his techniques and methods? If you don’t, then maybe your buyers won’t either.

Avoid these kinds of agents:

  • Those who want to close a deal too much – will pressure you to decide on things you might be uncomfortable with
  • Part time agents who aren’t focused – they’re attention is always divided

Choose agents who have:

  • Great communication skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Effective marketing strategies

You’ll be able to assess these once you interview your agent.


4. Remain patient and optimistic

Do you see other houses being sold around your area? Competition won’t make selling your place any faster but don’t despair. Instead, be competitive, maintain your house’s integrity while keeping a reasonable price.

Did you know that impatience and pessimism always results in failure to sell? These are dangerous ingredients to getting ripped off a good selling price.

5. Be competitive

The best way to beat competition says experts is to emphasize your house’s condition.

Show potential buyers that your doorknobs, faucets and hinges work perfectly. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to research about the competition. Work on what other houses lack and improve from there.

6. Everything should be clean and odor free

Did you know most buyers are turned off by cigarette smell? Pet scents, old cooking smells and mold odors should be eliminated ASAP. Scrub the house to eliminate odor, this increases the chance of a sale.

In one article, buyers’ dislikes were enumerated. It pointed out smells definitely creates a negative impression that will last. Sophia Mose-van Woensel  says odors give customers a bad feeling about the house.

7. Illuminate the house

House buyers surely do not want a haunted looking house! Rooms which are darkly lit also contribute to this effect.

What you can do:

  • Replace old bulbs with bright ones
  • Paint rooms with light and comfy colors. Light green, pink and soft yellow appeal real well.
  • Show buyers that reflective materials can do well on the walls.

8. Use social networking sites

Believe it or not, people sell property even in Facebook. People advertise there as well as post pictures in their profile walls.

Try typing in “house for sale” in the search box. Lots of results will turn out. This might inspire you to create a page too.

Studies also say Facebook increases sales . Give it a try, create a page for your house.

9. Sell online

Feel like you don’t need an agent? Sell your house thru online selling sites. Registering and communicating with potential buyers is easy!

Buyers from across the country check with the internet first and almost always now. Post pictures of your house as well as the neighborhood. This will invite customers.

Try selling thru the following FREE sites:

  1. Zillow
  2. ChoiceA.com
  3. Google base

10. Describe your house in Youtube

I’ve seen many house selling videos in Youtube recently. Sellers smartly created videos about their homes and described what makes it so beautiful.

You can create a video of your own home too. Show the audience your lawn. Give them a peek of you favorite part of the house. But do not show them everything. As an additional thing, enumerate why the neighborhood is a conducive place to live in.

11. Invite in neighbors

Let neighbors know you’re selling your house with a party. Let them see how beautiful and spacious it is. Let them see how cozy it is to live there.

Friends and neighbors might have friends or family looking for a house. With this process, you’re already advertising.

12. Throw in special deals

I’ve heard of house owners leaving behind TVs and DVD players as their homes got sold. This actually is a good idea. Buyers will have this impression that they got more than their money’s worth.

Transferrable warranty on appliances can also be done. Make it look like a gift to your buyers. They will love it.

  • http://www.jagerfoods.com Nick

    A whole FB page just for the sale of my house?! Why didn’t I think of that? I’m on so many Social Media sites that sometimes I over look the obvious. Your other points are well taken as well.
    Thank You.