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13 Best Jobs for 2013

13 Best Jobs for 2013It’s a new year and new trends are to come. Career-wise, it’s best if you arm yourself with the knowledge of what will be the hottest jobs this year.

The best job doesn’t necessarily mean that it pays high. It’s more of a mixture of employment opportunity, decent salary, work-life balance and security. The list spans across various industries including business, science, mathematics, healthcare, social services, and technology.

Jobs projected to hit big this year are listed below in random order.

1. Software developer

The list is not in any particular order, but this one probably on the top in the aspect of salary.

With the recent and continuous release of new models of smartphones, tablets, and notebooks, the software developing market has to keep up with its dynamic pace. People’s demand for new apps and software to fit in their daily lives keeps rising.

Choose from any field you’d like to focus on. Entertainment software like games and interactive apps are highly wanted today. The same with software that helps get day-to-day business neatly done.

As long as technology is involved, being in the software developing industry will never get you in the wrong side.

2. Accountant/auditor

As long as financial records administration is needed in a business, so is the demand for accountants and auditors. Simply say, in any time and place, jobs in this field will always be in demand.

3. Sales representative

Market competition is steadily getting tighter, making it harder to sell commodities and services. Everything needs to be taken to the next level and so businesses need excellent sales reps.

Outsourcing has made this job more accessible to people and industries as well. This one will continue to be hot this year, especially with the boom of outsourcing industries and the demand for brilliant sales talkers.

4. Mining, metallurgical and materials engineer

The high demands for materials used in manufacturing parts for electronic gadgets continue to rise. Jobs in these fields deal with the processing and development of raw materials needed to create microchips, PCBs, electric wrings and similar components. There are those that mine diamonds and other precious minerals for jewelries.

Add to that the high pay grade this job offers and you’re possibly looking at a dream job.

5. Business administration

New and existing industries will continue to grow, thus the need for someone knowledgeable in business operations. New blood would be of great help to industries in adapting to trends and innovations in technology.

6. Database administrator

With the vast information this era offers, someone who knows how to sort and make sense of data is highly needed. DB administrators help in organizing data to make it more reliable and accessible to people. This job will be around for years to come.

7. Computer systems analyst

It seems that any job related to the IT and computer technology field is in high demand these recent years. A computer systems analyst mainly deals with system development and improvement of computer architecture and structure. Most analysts specialize in a specific type of system such as: accounting systems, financial systems, or scientific systems.

8. Web developer

The internet is a battlefield of websites fighting over the biggest chunk of web servers. The traffic generated by site visitors equates to the potential market ads can exhaust. SEO skills are also highly appreciated in website development.

The war for customers doesn’t solely exist in the physical world; it has now extended into the virtual world too.

9. Financial analyst

Financial analysts basically analyze financial data, spot trends, and develop forecasts for the companies they work for. The reports they make helps in directing the company towards its goals.

Like any other business-related work, this job is vital to every industry in the market. That means it will just be insignificant once businesses aren’t needed in this world.

10. Nurse

The services they give in the medical field are indispensable. Working as a nurse could be as demanding (or maybe even more) as with a doctor, and the pay really varies on the country and hospital.

But sure enough, nurses will continue to be in-demand for this year especially in first-world countries. In fact, the demand is still high that some institutions offer additional benefits and even signup bonuses.

11. Fitness instructor

Many people have become more conscious with their health and physical structure. More and more are going to gyms and getting involved in various sports to be more physically fit. Fitness instructors will be needed to help individuals get into shape the right way without straining their bodies.

12. Architect

The world is starting to increase its movement towards sustainable development. Sustainable development refers to progress while preserving the environment that will not only meet the demands of the present but also for generations to come.

Architects, like engineers, play a great role in this movement. Their creativity would be a great kick in combining structural design, efficiency and sustainability in shaping homes, buildings, and industries.

13. Freelancer

Today’s generation looks for more freedom and control of their time in the jobs they look for. Thus, freelancing has been one of the top choices in earning a living.

Being a freelancer in a chosen field isn’t really a bad idea. You get to do the things you love doing and earn decent money. Some even earn more compared to a regular employee spending at least 8 hours a day in the office.

Where to start? The internet offers numerous opportunities for freelancers and part-timers as well. Begin with a hobby of yours and think of ways you can make money out of your passion. Rekindle your connections and let your friends be your first clients.