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15 Free Publicity Ideas

15 Free Publicity Ideas PhotoHome-based, smalltime, mid-level, or whatever type your business is, you won’t get anywhere without enough publicity. It’s the most basic and powerful marketing strategy in every business out there. Big companies even spend millions in research for the best possible publicity they can get.

But you don’t have millions and you don’t really need that much to get good publicity. You can get more known without even spending a penny. Here are a few tips on how to work that magic.

1. Present something new

People are tired of seeing the same products and services all the time. They tend to seek something new every now and then, especially with today’s generation of short attention span.

Let them have a taste of something new and they will come to you.

2.  Be different

Be the first, the longest, or the oldest – anything in the superlative context of things. Stand out above everyone else and you’ll surely get recognized.

If you’re in the food business, present a unique version of a widely popular dish. Present a different environment and make customers feel they’re in wonderland.

3. Make a viral video

There are sites like YouTube which you can use for publicity.  Create an informative, mind-bending or even whacky video – anything you can think of that will catch as much audience as possible.

Many people even find video channels as path to stardom as proven by a number of widely-known celebrities. So make that video and make it viral in a good sense.

4. Get referrals

Another way to get more publicity is through referrals. You can get this if you have superior service or quality product worth sharing to others.

5. Classified ads

Online classifieds like Craigslist allows you to post your ads in most of its sections for free. Similar sites like Gumtree and Vivastreet lets you do the same.

6. Start a blog or website

Creating a website is quite simple if you know the basics; even more simple is starting a blog.

Promote your service or product by providing adequate information in your site. Also allow feedbacks to build up the credibility of your commodity.

7. Participate in forums

There are countless numbers of forums where you can pitch in your ideas and at the same time do some promotion. Be active and be recognized in the online community for they are potential customers too.

8. Cross-promotion

You can also gain free publicity from non-competing companies through this option. Basically it’s a quid pro quo – you promote their product on your site or flyer and they’ll promote yours on theirs.

9. Social networking

Harness the power of social networking with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Millions of users around the world regularly check their accounts in these sites making them effective sites for marketing.

These sites are also free and easy to use even for newbies. Posting a status or tweeting can already give you a lot of potential clients.

10. Radio interviews and TV appearances

There are radio programs and TV shows that tackle business-related topics. They interview businessmen regarding their views on a certain topic and probably promote some of their products during the length of the show.

11. Be recognized

Win an award or be part of a widely-known organization. If you get recognized by a known institution for doing something innovative, you’ll have higher chances or receiving public acknowledgment.

Also becoming part of an established group can give you more credibility.

12. Boast your contracts

If you’re lucky enough to get a contract from a big company, shout it out. If people see that you were given importance by the big guys, they’ll be curious and will probably want to get their hands on you too.

13. Increase credibility through recommendations

Flaunt recommendations from well-known individuals or companies. If you manage to impress Oprah and get a recommendation from her, use it as a leverage to increase your credentials.

14. Give something for free

Everybody wants freebies. Give out free tastes if you’re in the food business or give them a bunch of discounts on their first try.

15. Start with your friends

Your friends and acquaintances have the highest chance of becoming your customers. Promote your product around your group. Share them the news and entice them to try what you offer.

Ask for reviews and referrals. Start within your group and expand outward towards a larger market.