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17 Ways to Save Money Everyday

17 Ways to Save Money Everyday PhotoReality check: money makes the world go round. It’s a fact that no one can deny.

Everyday you spend money for your various needs. Worst case, you need to borrow cash and get into debt for having insufficient funds.

You can save yourself from having money troubles. Follow these simple steps on how to save money everyday.

Make saving a habit

Saving a penny might look miniscule but do it every day and you’ll have a pile worth hundreds to thousands someday.

Make it a habit to put something in your piggy bank at the end of the day.

Budget everything

Learn how to budget in everything. Set a limit on how much you should spend and you won’t go penniless when emergency situations arise.

Pack your meals

Taking packed meals to work is cheaper than buying from fast foods. It’s also a lot healthier too!

Do-it-yourself coffee

Prepare it yourself rather than buy it outside where it’s a lot more expensive.

Eat out on special occasions

Rarely eat in restaurants. Learn how to cook and eat at the comfort of your home.

Make a shopping list

List down things that you need to buy in the grocery. If you still have a full bottle of ketchup, might as well remove it from your list this time.

Track what you’ll buy and how much they are so you won’t overspend.

Shop wisely

Buy in bulk or whichever is cheaper.

Sometimes buying the larger bottle or canister proves to be costlier than buying multiple smaller containers of the same product.

Avoid credit cards

Credit balances are debts. Avoid getting into debt.

Take a walk

Instead of riding a cab to a destination just three blocks away, try walking.

It’ll save you money, save fuel consumption, and improve your blood circulation.

Buy what you need

Buy only what you need. As much as possible, limit yourself from buying something you “want”.

It’s good to reward yourself once in a while but not all the time.

Quit your vices

Money spent on liquor and cigarettes could be spent on more important things.

Quit your vices. Save money and save your health at the same time.

Cut on lottery and gambling

It’s not really bad to take a shot to be a millionaire. But if you do it every day, imagine the money you would have saved if you kept it instead of using it for lottery or gambling.

Don’t get tempted by ads

Whenever you see the world “SALE” posted at the door of your favorite shop, your instinct is to buy a lot while the items are cheaper.

This thinking would lead you to buying things you really don’t need. That’s obviously a waste of money.

Use discount coupons

Maximize the use of discount coupons.

If you’re a student, some establishments provide student discounts on their products and services.

Unplug your appliances

Even when it’s turned off, as long as it’s still plugged, it will consume electricity. A typical appliance consumes 10% energy when in the plug even if it’s turned off.

Wash your own clothes

You can save some money by washing them yourself instead of putting it in a laundry shop.

Keep your car

Gas prices are high and maintenance costs aren’t cheap either. Keep your car at home and take a public transportation instead.

If you have an office mate who rides a car to work, you can carpool and save money.