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3 Office Meeting Games

3 Office Meeting Games PhotoBeing in a work environment can be quite difficult especially from a social standpoint. You are forced to work with people that you do not know, and there may be some tense moments that may arise that will surely test your interpersonal skills. A good idea to resolve this issue is to hold some meeting games that would either break the ice or at least let people know more about each other before the actual work or meeting takes place.

1. Teambuilding games

Team building games promote camaraderie and forces teams to work together. Exercises may include tasks that require a group of people to accomplish. This will enable the employees to interact with each other and have fun along the way.

2. Getting to know each other games

There are a lot of variations to this type of activity. Employees can play “truths and lies” where people will tell truths and lies about themselves, and the other people would guess as to which statements are true or false. They can also have games where people would line themselves up based on information such as age, height, or the number of children that they have.

Employees can also share something about a so called “topic of the day”. This can include topics such as favorite songs, favorite sports, or more embarrassing moment. Employees must then reveal their answer to each question, building trust as well as helping them know more about each other slowly without forcing a lot of information down each other’s throats.

3. Letting others know what you think of them

This can be called a perception game, as employees are tasked with labeling a person based on how they perceive them to be. Players can anonymously write down something about each other, and one by one the employee would read what others have written about him or her.

This game would aim to help employees realize what others think of him or her, and it would also help them improve on both their strengths and weaknesses as seen or observed by other people.

There are a lot of other office meeting games that employees can play, and bosses and managers can even participate in these activities in order to be able to bond and have a closer relationship with the group. With this, the entire team is assured that they are able to become closer with one another, which usually translates to a more peaceful, efficient, and productive work environment.