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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Working for Friends

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Working for Friends Photo

Looking for work is not easy especially with the current economy. Working for someone you know and interact with on a personal level may sound like a good idea. Think about it. You don’t even have to walk around town with your resume or wait for that dreaded phone call from the company you applied at. If you’re thinking about working for your friend—think long and hard before saying “Yes” to the offer. You might be saying “Hello” to your new career and “goodbye” to your friendship.

Here are 5 things to ponder before working for your friend:

1. PROS – The boss knows your capabilities

You might overlook any talents or skills you have. A boss who knows your real character can help you develop and excel in your task. You can be sure you’ll grow to your full potential working in the company because your boss will not likely to forget about you soon.Your boss can make you feel good about yourself. His praise for your workwill actually mean something because you know he means it as both your friend and your employer.

2. PROS – Bonding

You don’t have to feel like you’re working all day long. Whether it’s your boss or your officemates, it’s good to have a close friend nearby. You can be your employer’s confidant. The arrangement is beneficial to both since it can help reduce stress in the workplace.Another advantage is developing a stronger bond because you now have something you can both relate to. You also have more topics to talk about aside from your personal lives.

3. PROS – Feeling of Importance

Everybody wants to feel valued and needed. Working for your friend has its advantages here because he can effectively communicate with your on certain topics and concerns. He can even ask your opinion about certain matters. This can make you feel important because it means he values what you have to say.Any achievement the company has, it appeals to you on a personal level because you help make that happen. This is something that’s difficult to acquire if you’re working for a bigger company. Most of the time, you don’t get any recognition for your work or you can’t always voice out your opinions.

4. CONS – Criticisms

Having your friend as your boss can put a strain on your friendship especially when it comes to criticisms.  A boss has responsibilities, and one of them is to delegate tasks to whom he sees fit. He also has the responsibility to reprimand employees he thinks need further instructions. As a boss, he needs to show all his employees that there are no favorites in the office.

Give your friend the respect an authority requires even if it means you have to hold your tongue. The best way here is not to expect particular treatment. Do your work and do it well—you will be doing your friendship a favor.

5. CONS – Professionalism VS friendship

Small comments can blow up in your face. Be careful of the words you choose and always remember to be professional first and friend second when in the office. When stressed, reign in your temper and find ways to de- stress.

If you think your boss is making a mistake, make a suggestion but don’t dictate. It’s his call to decide and not yours. Try to understand that while the boss is not always right, he is still the boss.

If you have personal issues, leave it until your shift ends. Don’t bring it to work with you because that will only slow down productivity and sour everybody’s mood. Nobody needs the drama. Learn to openly communicate at work, to prevent misunderstanding and flare-ups.

Having a friend as an employer has its benefits and challenges. This arrangement will only work if you know your places in the work office. It’s equally essential that you learn to separate your friendship and your career. These should come with the requirements prior to employment. If you feel you can handle this then, by no means, go ahead and accept the offer.