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5 Bakery Promotion Ideas

5 Bakery Promotion Ideas PhotoRunning a bakery in your local area provides you with an opportunity to be up close and personal with your community, but that does not necessarily mean that you are free from competitors. It is pretty easy to put up a business such as this, which means that you must step up the ante and promote your products in order to rise above the rest. Here are some ideas that you might use to better promote your bakery.

1. Offer discounts

Of course, offering discounts to customers are pretty basic. Slash a certain percentage off your prices for holidays or special occasions, or even when you are nearing closing time where you would have to dispatch of unsold items.

Customers would be snatching up your products like hotcakes; just make sure that you don’t deduct too much that you wouldn’t be able to turn a profit.

2. Provide customization services

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can opt to offer customization services among your repertoire. You can create themed cakes or even cupcakes of different colors based on a particular client’s specifications. This is great for parties that your customers would host, and you can post pictures of your creations in your account to further advertise your work as well as your business.

3. Organize events and competitions

You can also create contests such as raffles, eating contests, and even bakeoffs. Prizes can include gift certificates as well as free goodies. This will entice people within the community to participate and you will be able to get a chance to better interact within potential customers.

4. Give samples away for free

If you have created a new product, what better way to advertise than to give away free samples? Not only will they be better aware of your list of products, but they would also be able to offer feedback that you can use in your future creations.

5. Give back to the community

One of the best ways that you can make your business stick to the minds of your clients is to help out in the community where you are located. Sponsor a softball league, or organize a feeding program at the nursing home, with your products as the centerpiece, of course.

Not only will you be able to advertise yourself, but you will also be able to generate a good enough buzz that people will remember you and patronize your business long after your organized event has concluded.