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5 Budget Tips for Movie Buffs

5 Budget Tips for Movie Buffs PhotoEveryone loves watching movies. It could be horror, action, suspense, adventure, romance or fantasy. Each has a preference to watch. Some also love watching a favorite movie or a huge fan of an actor or actress in a movie.

Some people watching movies find it more enjoyable with friends around or love ones. Oftentimes, this happens in cinema where the laughing, shouting or crying by the crowd adds to the thrill of watching.

However, watching a movie could be quite expensive especially if it is newly released to cinema. The sad part is you don’t have the cash to afford the first screening. Worry no more, because all you need to know are budget tips for movie buffs.

1. Know the date of showing

If you’re planning to watch a movie that will be showing soon, your first step is to know the showing date. Movies do have trailers together with the date it will be released in cinemas. Knowing the date would give you an idea if you will have money on certain dates or not.

If not, then it is necessary for you to find ways to get money. You can start saving money for a cinema ticket as the days are approaching.

2. Availability on cinema

In some instances, the first day of the movie could be a terrible luck for you not having cash. However, knowing the availability of the show and when its last day would be will give you more chances of watching.

Some movies are still showing for a week especially if it’s a blockbuster. You could still have time to set a budget for the show.

3. Rent a movie

In case you want to have a movie marathon with your friends, instead of going to the cinema, renting is good for the budget. You can have many options on what to watch for, like movies you haven’t seen yet.

4. Buy a DVD copy

Waiting for a DVD copy of a movie you missed watching gives more ample time to set a budget. Sometimes buying DVDs are cheaper than cinema tickets. What’s more interesting is that the copy will be yours forever. You can watch it anytime you want.

5. Download it from the internet

A budget for a movie could be also getting into one with paying for internet connections. If you’re someone knowledgeable enough on downloading movies, you can have it for free.

Nowadays, there are many sites that offer free movie downloading with an HD copy especially for latest movies and even old ones.

Watching a movie is more of a hobby than expenditure to many. In a research by Center for Media Literacy, they shared that We Are What We Watch: We Watch What We Are. Perhaps this would impact a lot to some or would make no difference. Whatever you mirror yourself with the movie, all watchers arrive with a common ground in watching that is, enjoyment.