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5 Budgeting Tips For Newly Weds

5 Budgeting Tips For Newly Weds


The very first project you’ll do together as newlywed couples is budgeting. Regardless if you got married at 30, 40 or even 50 years old. The financial aspect is one of the many facets you’d have to deal with as partners.

No, it isn’t a fairy tale at all. It just doesn’t work in the modern world. If you try to neglect this, I guarantee you: there will be arguments and it won’t be a mild one. So how about I gave you a lift? It is not that easy, but it should help you jump start and prepare your budget chart for the whole year.

Determine your priorities and goals

Remember to set goals as couples, and never let personal interests interfere. Choose the best time to discuss this. You can have it over a cozy dinner, or a picnic under the summer sun, or simply talking big during bed time. It is important to contribute plans and put a list together. Be open to each other’s opinion, if it’s not satisfactory at first, have it discussed later. Remember, your goal is to set your priorities as couples.

Make sure you both are on the same page

Secure the basic needs first (food, shelter and security) before you add more to the list of expenses.  There might be instances when you both need a car, but your spouse has more reasons to have it. Financial constraints are your worst enemy. So never miss to talk it over.

Secure a budget map

I’d rather give this one to the ladies. But you should still involve your husbands.

 It is best to come up with an individual list then weed out those that are less needed. Then create a combined list- don’t forget to prioritize the monthly dues.  Be honest to yourself. Even if you hate to give up your weekly spa, if it does not fit your budget, give it up. Of course, don’t forget to include your budget for savings.

Avoid unnecessary debts

It’s never wise to bring your personal debts to marriage. It could cause conflicts and gaps in your relationship. But if it’s unavoidable and both parties are aware of this, then you should do your best to get rid of this earlier. Because, whether you like it or not, you will have debts as a couple. So better get rid of your personal debts as soon as possible, in order to acquire that dream house of yours easier.

Secure your emergency fund

You will never know what lies ahead.  This is what you should bear in mind as couples starting a brand new beginning in life. Having an emergency fund will not only save you from layoffs, it might help you start off your own business as well.

Once again, the key to effective budgeting is working together. One may lead the partnership. In which case cooperation, trust and mutual understanding is essential to live a life that’s happily ever after. After all, this is what you teamed up for, right?