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5 Causes of Peer Pressure

5 Causes of Peer Pressure Photo

Peer pressure is not as simple as a group of kids daring another kid to do something. It’s something that goes way over the belt or sometimes it can be subtle. It’s also not geared towards teens alone. Many people aged 20 and above claim that they still experience peer pressure. It often occurs when people browbeat one another to go along with certain behaviors or beliefs. Those who won’t follow will of course be punished.

There is actually no magic to erase such pressure. The only trick is to know the main causes and to learn how to deal with them.

Strong desire to be loved

If you belong to a broken family, or have parents that can’t stand a day without fighting, then you are more prone to experience peer pressure. The same goes to children who have parents who are both busy with their jobs and don’t have enough time to bond with their kids. It is because there is no love in the family which stresses them out.

Less appreciation

Aside from family, we also get appreciation from our friends. However, if your family hardly appreciates you, there’s bigger chance for peer pressure to rise. Small matters can be big issues for teens when it comes to appreciation, thus it’s important for them to get a good dose of it. On the contrary, over appreciation may also cause too much self confidence which is unhealthy as well.

Vulnerability of teens

Teens are known to be vulnerable. They tend to say yes all the time even if they don’t want to, especially if it’s a conversation between friends. Too much of this, and peer pressure will be present. It usually occurs when the friend is taking advantage of this vulnerability and asks you to do things that are not right, ethical or legal. Examples would be smoking, sneaking out at night, drinking and doing drugs.

Desire to fit in

Another prominent cause of peer pressure is when you badly want to belong to a certain group in the society. It’s not unusual to see kids having a hard time fitting in, sometimes it’s because they’re “ugly”, they’re “obese” or they don’t have the same race as others. The more they are being pushed away, the higher the chance of peer pressure to exist. Technically, these kids will do just about anything for the people to simply accept them. Often times, this way of thinking will lead them to unwanted situations which is the result of peer pressure.


Believe it or not, curiosity can also cause peer pressure. It occurs when teens get curious over things and leads up to voting on who will do this and  that first. Some may think this is a simple teenage daring game, but for the experts this can come a long way to transform into a form of peer pressure.

Whatever the cause is, it’s very important for parents to carefully watch over their kids. Not only to spare them from peer pressure, but also to spare them from the underlying consequences. Teenage pregnancy and being and having sexually trasnmitted deseases are only a few of the unwanted effects that peer pressure can cause.

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