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5 Cheap Beach Vacation Ideas

5 Cheap Beach Vacation Ideas Photo


A fun filled vacation without spending too much is really possible if you just allow you and your family to be creative enough and explore new things. Read along this article for cheap beach vacation ideas that will make your family experience more leisure than they often used to.

Useful Tips To Remember

Explore new beaches

If you’re used to bringing your family to the resorts with all the amenities, why not find another spot that will still serve you well? Not all are pricey you know. There are still tons of famous beaches out there that can really provide all the needed amenities or the perhaps the treasured peace, without asking for too much.


If all you want is a simple family bonding on a Wednesday afternoon, then it is a wise choice. But if this vacation is linked to any family celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries, finding the right time and planning ahead can be a handy tip. Because most beach resorts have the tendency to raise their prices of services during weekends and especially during peak seasons. On the contrary if you wish to have a Christmas eve beach experience, it would be better to pay for all the fees at an early time.

Share the cost

You can easily apply this tip if you’re going to the beach with your friends. Instead of shouldering the entire menu, why not share it with your friends. You can have a potluck beach vacation which will surely be fun. You can also shop for more affordable snacks and cook the main course at home instead of buying takeout meals. And if grilling is a part of the menu, it’s advisable to buy meat on the wet market where everything is a lot cheaper compared to the supermarket.

Camp out

Instead of renting rooms, why not camp out. Well, it sure is difficult to ignore the inviting rooms in beach resorts, but just imagine seeing the beauty of the moon at night. I bet it’s more difficult to ignore that. Bring out your tents and put it up along the seashore. If your pickup truck is parked nearby then that would be better. Some can sleep in the truck with open doors and some can stay in the tent.

Have fun games

Instead of letting your kids whine because they can’t enjoy paid amenities, why not create new games for them. You can introduce the old games you used to do when you were still a child, or you can encourage them to play their own games by the shore. This will be a perfect add-on to the typical bury-me or sand castle making activities.

What To Keep In Mind

When having a beach vacation or technically any kind of vacation, you should keep in mind that money is not the only key to having fun. Being in the middle-class or even lower than that doesn’t mean you cannot visit the beach or camp out. It is just a matter of being more open-minded and creative.