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5 Cheap Family Activities That Kids Love

5 Cheap Family Activities That Kids LoveWhen talking about family activities, most parents often pair it with money and spending. Indeed, there are lots of fun family activities you can do in various places. However, there are also fun activities you can do at home that your kids will surely love. With it, you don’t have to spend a dime, but you’re also not compromising the real fun that kids want. Getting a bit curious? Read along and discover the activities that you and your children can enjoy without ruining your monthly budget.

Washing the car

Have you even spent dollars of cash for washing your car? If so, then better let your kids do it during the weekends. There sure is no child who hates playing with water. With this activity, you don’t have to purchase fancy items or spend anything on shopping. With a hose, shampoo, sponges and a couple of buckets, you can have fun with your kids while being productive, as well.

Home quests

Are your kids in love with treasure hunting and quest games? If so, then it’s a splendid idea to turn your house into a quest field and let your kids roam around. Ask them to find the cookies or pizzas. This can serve as your dinner while watching the latest comedy film. But of course, you can’t have dinner until the kids find the food.

You can create traps around the house and better yet, you can play as the evil guy that will stop the kids from finding the “pizza or cookie treasure.”

Bring the game to grandma

Instead of staying at home, you can also bring the kids to their grandma’s house and have a mini picnic or perhaps let them play with their grandparents. Bring over some board games and get the kids prepared to travel. You can even stop by and watch scenic views along the way.

With this activity, you don’t have to spend anything but extra dollars for the car gas. Indeed, this is a fabulous way to spend the weekends or even just a long afternoon.

Get crafty

If your kids are somewhat born to be creative crafters, enhance their creativity by making handicrafts with them. Instead of sitting the entire day facing the laptop, it’s a better activity to work on arts and crafts. You never know, perhaps you can sell these crafts at a flea market nearby.

Search around the house and gather all the materials you can find. This way, you don’t have to visit craft shop and spend some cash.

Flag on the tail

Wanting to be more active? Nothing can beat the fun game that every kid plays – flag on the tail. Form two groups with equal members for a straight line. That line shouldn’t be broken throughout the game and the last person should have a flag or handkerchief behind him.

The first person in each group should chase the flag of the other team. Your kids will surely enjoy this fun and active game.

Spending quality time with your kids doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. You just have to let your imagination run wild, and your kids will surely enjoy spending time with you at home rather than shop at the mall.