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5 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

5 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples Photo


It’s always worth it to spend some quality time with your loved one in a place that will bind you together as a strong and loving couple. Some experts and family counselors even claimed that having a “real” vacation at least once every two years, gives the couple an additional bucket of trust to each other that can’t be obtained easily.

Furthermore, to answer your agonizing question about vacation ideas, here’s a short list of it. And take note, these places won’t eat up a big part of your finances.

Check out these cheap vacation ideas for couples!


On top of this list is a place that’s capable of showing off its beauty yet at the same time protecting its rich culture. Surely nothing beats the beaches of Hawaii. With the hula performances here and there and the hospitable people around, you and your partner will surely feel welcomed. You will never feel more relaxed once both of you enjoyed the modern tropical essence of the entire Hawaii.


Another wonderful vacation place would be Jamaica. Have fun under the heat of the sun dive into their coast line. Aside from the hotels, there are also tons of houses and villas for rent intended for vacationers and guests only. If you think these costs a lot, better think again. The price ranges only from $75-$708, depending on the amenities available.


If you want to give your partner a livelier and unforgettable experience, then having a vacation in Acapulco is indeed worth the try. Non-stop night parties, clubs, water sports, affordable condos and homes for rent – what more can you ask for? At this blithe paradise you will definitely feel the essence of a couple-only vacation.


Enjoy the nature like you’ve never enjoyed it before – that is Alaska. If you and your partner are fond of exploring the green earth and checking out daring activities then you will definitely enjoy the jagged mountains and unparalleled scenery. Comfy homes and necessary amenities also won’t cost you much.

Niagara Falls

Ever had that feeling where you badly want to bring here someplace that she’ll surely enjoy but it seems like you just can’t afford it? Niagara Falls is the perfect answer to that. Enjoy condo units for as low as $50 per night, food and drinks in the district that are all affordable and the thundering blow of the falls.

Bottom line

Giving your partner that perfect vacation after years and years of being bound as one is something that is plainly unforgettable. And having been busy with work and taking care of the kids can’t take that privilege away from both of you.

The key here is to go to a place that is rich in everything – culture, color, fun activities and affordable rates. This way, there will be an assurance that you guys will enjoy the trip and will have enough budgets for it. But, no matter where you’ll bring her and how much you’ll spend, what counts most is the fact that you were able to pull off a perfect vacation trip for the two of you.