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5 Cheap Ways to Build a House

5 Cheap Ways to Build a House Photo


What if we’ll say cheap ways to build a house? Does that pertain to cheaper workers? Cheap contractors? Cheap materials? And cheap architect? If so, what do you think your house will look once it’s already built? Do you also think it’s safe for your family?

Building a house doesn’t only refer to the materials and the design. It also covers matters like the built or size, the furniture’s use and efficiency, maintenance, and bill issues. To simplify these, read along and discover cheap ways to build a house along with these factors.

Tip #1: The smaller the better, true?

Most people wanting to build their own home, but have a limited budget, always end up making a small one. It is certainly fine if you have a small family. But what if you have 5 or 6 children? What if your in-laws live with you? Having a small house is not always the best choice, but building one that has only the essential areas is perfect. This means limiting the rooms and other areas.

Instead of having two guest rooms why not only one? Instead of building your kitchen far from the dining area, why not bind the two? If you’re not crazy about trendy clothes, why request for a walk-in closet? These are only few mistakes that most homeowners do. Smaller doesn’t mean minimizing the space of the entire house, it means deleting the areas that are not needed and giving enough room for other parts.

Tip #2: Efficient materials

An architect’s role is very important in this part. Instead of using the building materials you’re used to, it’s best to consult with your architect. Today, there are lots of building materials available in the market. Be sure to go for one that will enable you to save some bucks in the long run.

Tip #3: Efficient and useful furniture

As much as you want to have that mini bar, it’s advisable to erase that part if you know it won’t be used. Same with the other furnitures in your entire home. Wanting them doesn’t mean they’ll work for your home. You will just waste money by purchasing such fixtures and later on they won’t even be used that often.

Tip #4: Low maintenance design

If you’re planning to build a house in a cheap and affordable way, you should also consider its maintenance. Be sure it is designed to have a low cost cleaning and maintenance. One that doesn’t call for expert cleaners. If you have systems such as HVAC then that is exempted. But when pertaining to the entire house, it’s better to do the general cleaning on your own than hire someone to do it.

Tip #5: Check some energy-efficient gadgets

Because of the modern era, there sure are tons of gadgets that claim to lower your electric bill. Although such gadgets are generally pricey, it can still help you in the long run. Lower bills are truly a huge part of a cheap home.