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5 Cheap Ways to Get Married

5 Cheap Ways to Get Married

Do you want to get married but would like to do it very cheaply? Are you looking for answers that are more along the lines of inventive ideas for tying the knot rather than a traditional ceremony with a reception?

Yes, some couple would have it elegant and expensive. Some want it to be extraordinary. But some would have it cheaply. And if you are among these people who are just being practical and wise in spending, check out the five cheap ways for you to get married.

Have it in the city hall

There are lots of married people who had their wedding in this political office. Simply because the mayor does the honor of unifying partners as it is written in the constitution with his power to be exercised. Your only problem is how you would please the mayor, maybe inviting him in a small celebration with few guests would do.

Have it in the court

Similarly, with the mayor’s power to perform a marriage ceremony, the judge is next to a cheaper wedding cost.  Many judges perform matrimony at the end of the day between 6 and 7 pm. You could have him with some friends and relatives in a beach or picnic party, or even at his own office if he or she is okay with the idea.

Have it in a unique way

In this contemporary, people become more inventive yet wild in performing matrimony. You can even avail it without any cost. It could be done in a 25-Mile marathon without stopping, have it ordained via internet, exchanging your “I do” underwater by nodding, have it in the woods with exotic food or in a moving car. You would just call a rite performer and have your friends make arrangement with the city clerk ahead of time.

Have it like a family reunion

Call a pastor or priest or any eligible to perform the unity. Have it in your house backyard or in the park. After the wedding, celebrate it in a restaurant with both your parents only. The estimated amount is just around $500.

Have it with the crowd

In this cheap and unique way, you could even make yourself so awesome and great. Do initiatives to gather those partners who are planning to get wedded, those who can’t afford. Propose for a town wedding where all of you will be ordained by a single priest or any eligible to perform.

Such wedding ceremony has been practiced by many countries across the globe like the Philippines, Mexico, Spain, etc. It’s not only cheaper, it is even more exciting. Have the dancing and dining after, though the plans must be worked on by all of the participants ahead of time.

Bottom line

Marriage is one of the most exciting events in man’s life, an endless moment to be cherished by the couple as they exchanged vows in their union. This has to be properly planned and thoroughly prepared to make it a perfect occasion. But, it’s not just the way a wedding is prepared, it’s about the faithfulness of every partner to each other till the end.

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    Another great way to save money is to take a DIY approach to your wedding – flowers, favours, gifts, invitations can all be done this way and can help make things so much more personal and special to you.