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5 Cheap Ways to Propose

5 Cheap Ways to Propose


Proposing is one of the most anxious parts of every man’s life, yet the most exciting for women. Most guys take the preparation to the next level by doing the most bizarre yet sweet proposals they could ever think of. The ring in a cupcake and the treasure hunting game are way too cliché, thus it’s a big challenge for every man to think of a more creative and surprising way to present the ring to his loved one.

But, what if you don’t have enough budget for the proposal? What if you can’t afford to pay people for this and that; or perhaps pay the rent on a certain place? That’ not a problem anymore. Read along this article and discover creative but cheap ways to get that sweet YES from your girl.

Newspaper ad

Having a full page newspaper ad with the “will you marry me” statement is relatively cheap. With your girlfriend’s name on it and a photo of you together, the world will surely know about your wedding. You never know maybe the media would even want to cover it. Not only is this a cheap way to pop the question. But it’s also one of the bestest things to pair up with her morning coffee.

Do a fake movie

If you have creativity of making videos, then this would be very easy. Edit a sweet video with the magic question at the end part. Ask the cinema operator if you can borrow 15 minutes to play the video. The payment on this is also relatively cheap. With all the people in the cinema seeing the video, there’s no person who’ll never get a clue on what’s it all about.

A room full of sticky notes

Fill her room with empty sticky notes and don’t show up until she’ll find the one that has the “will you marry me” message. This way, she won’t have any clue of what you’re up to. Maybe she’ll even think it’s her younger brother who played a prank with her room. Not only is it cheap but truly surprising as well.

Clothes line art

Tie a red ribbon and let it run across the room. Attach to it all the picture perfect, as well as the not so perfect photos, you guys have. At the end of this creative art would be a photo of her hand, which is edited, wearing the same ring you will give to her. Do this in the plainest way, without a rose or champagne, so that she won’t get a hint. Now, were you asking more about creativity and romance?

Movie marathon? I think so

Again, another movie-like way to propose is to have a movie marathon at your home. Invite her entire family and all your friends. Edit a couple of movies and fuse it into one DVD with your “will you marry me” video as the advertisement. At first, she may think it’s just a trailer of a new movie, but when everything is exposed and where you’re already down to one knee, she’ll surely cry out loud in happiness.

  • http://www.1sthappyfamily.com lina@happy family

    Those are really great and creative ideas. I believe that any man who apply those ways won’t get ‘no’ answer :)
    Thanks for visiting.

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    fake newspaper ad is really cheap idea for propose some one