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5 Famous Trade Secrets

5 Famous Trade Secrets


Every company promises to provide the best of everything. Beyond that, they also have highly protected secrets that serve as their main advantage in the market. It is mainly called a trade secret. It serves as the spine of every company, and once it corrodes (or will slowly be revealed), the damage will grow. To give you more idea about trade secrets, here are the top 5 coming from well-known companies.

Thomas’ English Muffins

We all know that muffins are made of yeast, flour, water and the typical spices and ingredients that help add flavor. But have you ever wondered why Thomas’ English Muffins has a different impact in the market? Have you ever asked yourself why people are still purchasing it even though there are tons of new brands available?

The answer to that is a part of their trade secret. The company even went to the court to safeguard this secret. This is when one of their executives left them and transferred to a competitor.

Coca Cola’s Secret Recipe

The existence of cocaine in drinks like Coke is already a common knowledge for many people. What you may not know is that Coca Cola still uses coca leaf extract. This is obtained from the sole company in the US that is allowed to process cocaine, the Stephan Company. Aside from that, Coca Cola also admitted that they’re using lemon extract, nutmeg, orange extract, African kola nuts, lime extract, Neroli and vanilla. Although there are lots of ingredients revealed, the main recipe is still a top secret.

Lena Blackburne Rubbing Mud

If you’re a sporty person then perhaps you’ve heard about this product. Many baseball players have ventured into different rubbing solution just to erase the gloss and to dull the surface of new baseballs. Umpires have also tried tons of solutions such as tobacco juice, shoe polish and even the dirt under their feet. They may have found a solution to the problem; however, it also damaged the ball.

This is when Lena Blackburne Rubbing Mud comes into the picture. After how many attempts of experimenting with mud, he succeeded in producing a rubbing mud that didn’t only dull the surface of the baseball but also protected it from being damaged. Today, the company admits that they would return to their mud source (which they didn’t reveal) about 5-6 times each year just to fulfill the demand.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

That scrumptious chicken coating is a true example of a trade secret. The most that the company can say about the recipe is that they’re using 11 herbs and spices to obtain the taste. Until today, no one (aside from the company’s trusted workers) knows what herbs and spices are those.

Big Mac Special Sauce Recipe

Another trade secret would be the dressing of McDonald’s famous Big Mac. Most people assume that it’s the typical Thousand Island dressing with a bit of pickle relish. Of course there’s more to that! Despite the lost and found situation this recipe has gone through, still it remains a secret. It got lost back when the company tried to cut down costs and decided to revise the recipe and until today, no one has seen it. McDonald’s only got hold of it when they contacted the main producer of the sauce.