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5 Ways to Earn Cash for Trash

5 Ways to Earn Cash for Trash


Whether you want to earn extra cash, or you want to eliminate excess stuffs at home, or you simply want to go green, the fact still remains that there is cash from trash. It’s just in the matter of being creative and passing the maze of ideas. To guide you along that maze, here are some useful tips to help you obtain money from trash. Read along.


Do you have tons of phones in your drawer? Or is your child’s room full of toys he or she doesn’t really use much? Trading these would be a better idea instead of throwing it away. There are sites like Toyswap.com which accepts toys for trade. If your son has lots of sporting goods you can also trade or sell it at Play It Again Sports. There are also other sites that purchase or trade cellular phones.

Garage sale

You can also create a colorful “garage sale” sign and place it in front of your house. Bring out all the unused items and call your neighbors. Sooner or later this massive garage sale news will reach nearby towns and more people will check on it. Just imagine how much you can earn from a 1-2week long garage sale.

Be stylish and creative

Instead of selling your old clothes, why not make something new out of it? Create scarfs, bags and other crafty items out of your old clothes and sell it at flea markets. You didn’t only help lessen the trash in dumpsites but you also earned a lot. You can even conduct lessons and small programs that will teach younger kids how to do this creative activity as well.

One-of-a-kind pieces

If you have lots of metallic or copper stuffs in your garage, one great idea is to make one of a kind decors and frames out of it. You can use various materials, just heat it and bend it in different shapes and sizes. You can also stick it to each other to form different designs. This can start small but you never know if your designs are impeccable, some people may even be interested in buying and selling your items for good.

Accessories from plastic and paper

Back when we were kids, we would always create a necklace made from scratch papers during a particular activity in the Arts. Now that we’re grown-ups we can still make accessories from plastic and paper. You can continue making the necklace from paper but this time it should be a lot more durable. You can also make bracelets from plastic bottles or anklets from a combination of the two. To make the activity more fun, let your children participate. Now you have something to sell on Etsy.com or on your Facebook account.

When times get rough, the first thing we would usually think is to look for another job with a higher pay. But aside from that, you can also earn from a lot of the typical things you can find at home. Things you thought of as trash and nothing else. Let your imagination work, and for sure you’ll have a reason why you need to make your own online shop.