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5 Ways to Negotiate a Medical Bill

5 Ways to Negotiate a Medical Bill PhotoBeing stuck in the hospital is what most people hate. Aside from the needles, syringe and blood that are always present, paying a medical bill is also quite bothersome. Despite having a medical or health insurance, you still have to spend a lump sum amount.

With that being said, many individuals today are looking for ways to lessen their medical bill. Although you cannot avoid essential tests, still you can alleviate the large amount you have to pay by these negotiation tips. Read along.

1. Refrain from asking late

Before the procedure begins, it’s a brilliant idea to talk to your doctor privately. State your financial dilemma and ask if he can give you a certain discount. Don’t be ashamed that you’re jobless or that you’re uninsured. Doctors always value honest confessions.

If he sees your sincerity, most probably he’ll slash off the doctor’s fee or will do something to lessen your bill.

2. Check the old bills

Negotiation is not simply asking for a cheaper price. You should also ensure that the price you’re negotiating is fair for both parties. Checking your old medical bills can surely do the trick towards winning a negotiation battle.

Even if you’re battling with a hospital, with the right words and a good dose of sincerity you might just win it. Ensure that the price you’re asking is a bit close to your old medical bill and not particularly far from your current bill. This way, you’ll refrain from negotiating a wrong price.

3. Negotiate with the doctor

Based on a survey, 60% of doctors are willing to give discounts, not only on the doctor’s fee but also on your entire bill. These individuals will do the talking instead of you especially if you’re a loyal patient. Most people are quite afraid of talking to doctors, but on the contrary, they’re the best people to talk to when trying to negotiate your hospital bill.

4. Deal with the payment terms

If the hospital won’t give in to your price haggling drama, you can at least try to negotiate with the payment terms. You can offer cash payment instead of credit card, which will certainly lessen the hassle on their part.

You can also provide more suggestions that you think will be effective for both parties. You should also provide proofs that you can keep up with the payment terms you suggested. Your latest payment slip will do.

5. Hire a medical bill expert

You may not realize it, but there are certain professionals who can deal with medical bill negotiation successfully. These people are called medical bill experts. By simply seeing their client’s bill, their brain automatically works and derives with the perfect tactic, to negotiate with the hospital.

This is somewhat like a win-win situation thus; these experts are truly worth paying.

It may be difficult to refrain from being admitted in a hospital. Every individual will come to a point where they’ll need medical care. Nevertheless, these tips will help you towards lessening your hospital bill.