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5 Ways to Reduce Poverty

5 Ways to Reduce Poverty Photo


Surveys revealed that at least 1 in every 8 Americans live in poverty. This is just a small proof that even big countries like the US still experience poverty. In fact, this is a problem that most countries are experiencing. Changing the president or the entire administration doesn’t erase this dilemma immediately. However there are certain things that an administration can do to reduce poverty. Here are a few of it.

Reduce high costs of basic necessities

If you will ask a person “why do you think you’re poor?” most probably the answer you’ll get would be “because everything is expensive and my salary can’t sustain it”. Indeed, this is one fact that cannot be erased. It’s not that people are all too arrogant, it’s just their salary simply can’t support their needs and the needs of their family.

It’s somewhat a challenge for the government to increase salary rates, thus lowering the costs of the basic necessities of an individual can be the answer. This is not rocket science, but there should be a way for this to be possible without losing the quality of these necessities.

Clear course of higher education

It’s a big challenge for poor individuals to finish college. Scholarships may exist, but sadly it’s not enough. If a person didn’t finish college or worse, didn’t get any form of proper education, there would be a very less chance for him to obtain a decent income. Without this descent income, he will have difficulties in obtaining even the most basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. It’s a simple domino effect which shows that education plays a big part towards escaping poverty.

Fix health and nutrition-related problems

Malnutrition is one sign of poverty. Because of malnutrition, a person can easily get sick and sooner bite the dust. And again, it is another domino effect that clearly portrays poverty. If the government will remain blind to not address various nutrition and health-related problems, more and more people will remain poor and will die of it.

More efforts to reduce corruption

During campaign eras, the line “I won’t be a corrupt government official” can be heard million times. However, once the election is done, another cycle of corruption takes place. It may be impossible to end corruption but implementing strict rules might do the trick. Experts claim that there is no country that has a perfect government, but there are countries that are very strict about it, which is why they are now very successful.

Increase livelihood projects

Instead of investing on unnecessary programs, why not invest in livelihood projects. It will be of great help to provide more people a decent job with a decent income. It will also help the economy of a certain country, especially if the output of these projects can be exported to other countries. This is truly easier said than done, but there’s no such thing as impossible if the government will be serious about it. After all, no ordinary citizen would trade a job opportunity for sitting on the sidewalk and beg for food.