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5 Ways to Save Money on Dates

5 Ways to Save Money on Dates Photo


Dating can surely be costly at some point, at least on the part of the boys. But there are tricky tips to solve this. You don’t have to staple your wallet and play hide and seek with your credit card just to save for that date. And you don’t have to settle on cheap food and an ordinary park strolling either. Wondering what’s the big secret? Read along.

Surprises are always likable

Instead of purchasing a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates or huge stuffed bears, why not add a little twist? During a dinner date, pretend that you don’t have anything for her, tire yourselves with conversations. And by the end of the day, hand her one rose with a sticky note where your sweet words are written. Not only is she surprised with the unusual gift but you also saved some bucks. See?

You really don’t have to buy extravagant items and stress yourself out just to impress that date.

Head places close to nature

So you don’t want to bring her to the typical parks and museums, right? Too common, indeed. Perhaps taking your date to a breath catching place where you can spend some quality time alone would be perfect. But instead of renting a car, why not hire a motorcycle? No girl wouldn’t ever wish to jump into those two wheel ride with the man of her dreams and ride off to their castle.

Take her to some romantic beach or any hilltop where nature’s splendid beauty can be enjoyed. You can either enjoy the dusk and sunset, or the blue skies of the afternoon.

Do the cooking yourself

Instead of bringing her to an elegant restaurant for a date, why not cook for her and invite her over your place?

You can even ask her to do the grocery chore with you and show off your cooking skills afterwards. Not only is it sweet to see a guy cooking, but she will also feel comfortable since you’re both in the comfort zone. This is indeed cheaper but sweeter than spending too much on those fancy goods. You can also have a barbeque and chat under the moonlight in your backyard.

Camp out date

If your girl is a nature lover, why not camp out with her and hike in the forest? You don’t only get to have a fun and active date but you would also be able to spend the entire day and night with her. Just make sure that you bring everything that you need aside from the consumable goods.

And there you have it, a romantic and fun date on the go without spending too much.

Possibility of double date

If you share mutual friends that happen to be a couple, then it would be a good idea to ask them out on a double date. The more the merrier indeed! You can have a fun date with those board games, card games or play station, but of course without loosing the essence of a date. The possibilities are really endless.

  • http://prairieecothrifter.com Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

    Great ideas. We are big fans of nature stuff. We often go for hikes or walks when the weather is good. We also like to cook and we have a lot of fun when we try new recipes. Just hanging together is a blast.